Step 1: Position

Sit up or stand up (whatever feels more energizing), spine straight.

Step 2: Breathing

Breathe fully and deeply three times until you are centered, aligned and calm. Relax your belly and your face, and if you feel tension elsewhere in your body, offer it a few loud sighs to release. For the inner senses to be clear—especially for a beginner—it’s best if the outer senses are calm. Not too hungry, full, cold or warm; aim for stillness and alignment. If you need to become calm, meditate with deep, rich breathing.

Step 3: Hands in Position

Hold your hands out in front of you, about six inches apart and facing each other. Focus with a relaxed gaze on the space between them. For stronger sensation, practice with a friend facing you, mirroring your motions and breath.

As Dr. Strange taught us, fully intact bodies aren’t necessary for Magic. All beings have access to Prana, and if you only have one hand, you can visualize the other, or modify as needed. If your body is otherwise altered from the norm, modify this and any other exercise as feel intuitively best.

Step 4: Pulling Hands Apart

As you inhale, pull your hands apart another six inches, so they’re about twelve inches apart. As you exhale, push your hands together.

Receive Pranic Energy

Step 5: Receive the Pranic Energy

Inhale again, pulling your hands apart. Visualize streams of golden light flowing with your breath, going into your chest, your back, your heart. Exhale, and as you move your hands closer together, see the energy flowing down into your arms. It passes your shoulders, your elbows, forearms, your wrists, and exits through your hands, from a golden sun in the center of your palms.

Step 6: Feel the Energy Flow

Inhale, pull your hands apart. Call forth more golden rays of energy. Relax your upper body, feel it flowing into you.

Repeat this 7 more times. See a sparkling golden sun growing between your hands. As your palms come together, imagine you’re squishing it like a large, Magical sponge. Try to feel the pressure.

After the warmup, exhale completely and allow your hands to come closer together to about 6 inches apart. Begin to slowly push them closer until the distance decreases to about two inches. As you exhale, feel more energy coming from of your palms. As you inhale, pull your hands apart again, but maintain the 2-6 inch “Squished Sun Sponge” space of greater density.

Feeling your Chi

Repeat this process until you feel your Chi, or for up to twenty breaths. You may begin to feel pressure between your hands.

You may feel tingling, warmth, or a magnetic pulse. If not, take heart; just like learning to play music, the ability and strengthening of your nervous system come with time.

About 90% of my private students can feel their Chi. If you haven’t ever worked with energy before and are doing this alone, you may need to give it 4-5 sessions. Allow one sleep cycle to pass between each; just like when you first learned how to read, feeling and working with Chi is using your brain in a new way.

The information exists in an organized fashion, and bit by bit, you can and will master it in accordance with your effort and dedication.

Possible Variations

Possible Variations Pranic Sun

If inspired, play with distances, breath, and visualizations until you customize the method to serve you best. Feel your Prana.

Enjoy it!

Once you can feel your own chi, experiment with trees, crystals and other people. See if you can sense them, tuning into them with the unique perception you’re developing.

As the chi ball between your hands grows, you can also experiment with moving it around your body. Directing chi towards your third eye, for example, will help open and strengthen it; this is true for all chakras.

Remember to stay grounded, and for every upper chakra you work on, invest an equal amount of time on a lower chakra until you have an innate understanding of how balanced your system is.

These practices should always be done with proper instruction since too much energy in one chakra can cause an imbalance. Often those with anxiety or heightened sensitivity have an excess of Prana in the upper chakras and not enough strength in their lower ones. Grounding exercises, and a daily Qigong practice with bare feet in contact with the earth, and a deeper squat to open the root chakra can help with this, along with the proper use of Chinese herbs and Breathing techniques.

This chapter is meant as an introduction. Bruce Frantzis, Lee Holden and Adam Atman have detailed instructions in print and online if you want to go deeper into pranic healing.

Just like if the muscles of one hamstring are tighter than another, you may realize that, as with stretching and strengthening, you can heal and tonify (a Chinese Medicine word for “strengthen energetically”) any part of your body.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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