Have you ever realized some types of Magic are incredibly rare? One explanation is that they are really hard – or following the above, that they require a significant amount of power and conviction.

Take moving the wind versus resurrecting a bird. In your heart of hearts, you may realize (know, remember) that moving the wind is easier than resurrecting a bird. The number of factors is incredibly smaller in moving the wind. The consequences to your ego are smaller, as well. Your sub-personalities (Alain Forget, Loch Kelley, Michael A Singer), the components of your ego created from cultural conditioning, carried over from past lives, and arising to protect you from repeating previous wounds – we can just call it “Small Self” – your Small Self knows that there is your Higher Self, the real Head Honcho of your soul, is coming in soon to take over.

Small Self vs. Higher Self

The Small Self is afraid of death. The Higher Self knows death is just a transition stage between many lives. 

The small self is afraid of the dark. The Higher Self is one with the dark and the light.

Resurrecting a bird might freak your Smaller Self out. What would it mean?! Do you have to become vegetarian, dress all in white, and speak in Thee Thou Yee Wow how now brown cow language all the time?

It doesn’t know. But it does fear. 

The Small Self fears lack. Lack of affection. Lack of people taking you seriously. Lack of acknowledgment. Lack of fitting in. Fear of rejection. Fear of becoming broke and homeless. Fear of not being seen. Fear of not being loved.

The higher self knows all these are projections, illusions. The higher self is at home with abundance in all things.

The inflection point between the two is Enoughness.

Moving the wind can make you feel powerful. Accurately predicting the future, feeling your energy for the first time, helping others heal with Prana – this stuff is cool, and for some, holy. The Small Self likes it because it makes the Small Self feel special.

Higher Self

The careful bridge we are walking together is thus: We placate the Small Self with phenomena, trinkets, carrots on sticks, so that it can relax, realize there is enough love, attention, money, acceptance, and acknowledgment. The Small Self may have desires for different ways these energies are delivered, but the Higher Self knows that all is vibration, and all vibration can be attracted and felt. The Higher Self knows how to reinterpret scenarios, how to transmute emotional energies, and best of all, how to help the Small Self grow up.

By teaching the Small Self Magic it can comprehend that it doesn’t threaten its identity, it doesn’t fight back with a fear response.

Magic And Spiritual Growth

By tying Magic into Spiritual Growth (Ascension, self-realization, communion with the Divine), and by tying Spiritual Growth to happiness and joy, we offer the Small Self a safe path towards dissolving, towards retiring and letting the Higher Self take over.

The Inner Child, with his craving fulfilled, can finally begin to rest.

The Inner Adult, with her maturity, can come forth.

These changes take time and the understanding that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have patience with your training, and with whatever methods you use to grow your power. Before this life started, you decided how it would go (Higher Self). All is unfolding and shall unfold, including levitating cats, purrfectly.

It is said that Solomon’s Temple was built in a single night. So there are exceptions for every rule. Spontaneous awakening can happen, but it isn’t the norm. For every King Solomon in history, there were 10,000,000 masons, each fully capable of building a temple, if they only reached the level of realization that he did.

If you have the power of Solomon, and you choose to claim it, then demonstrate it. Heal the sick, levitate the cat, resurrect the bird.

If you can’t, that’s okay. Start with one brick at a time. Start with feeling your Prana, and with affecting the wind. Start by developing your intuition, your intellect, and your compassion. Start with Emotional Alchemy, and ensure the foundation of your temple be strong, lest it crumble during the storm.

I have no doubt you shall attain your goal. The pace at which you build is determined by your degree of attachment to things needing to be a certain way. Your Highest Self knows the absolute perfect action in every moment. Until this aspect of you is fully online, be at peace with what is.

There are multiple paths you can take; if you wish to follow the most efficient, and the most cosmopolitan, dedicate yourself to a path of Unity. 

My Magical instruction is such a path, and most mystical traditions in their purest form teach this: All is in The All.

Magic And Spiritual Growth

Finders Course

If you prefer a path focused primarily on meditation and inner knowing, and feel that Magic is cool yet have realized it is the byproduct of states of Enlightenment (the gift, not the goal), you might be interested in FindersCourse.com

Finders Course teaches a generalized, nonreligious form of enlightenment called Non-Symbolic Experience. Over 10 years and 9 trials, the Finders Course team isolated 26 meditative techniques as the most effective. On average, individuals experience 36% reduced stress, 46% reduced negative emotion, 42% boost in overall happiness, and a 24% increased sense of life meaning. Through an entirely digital curriculum, you can experience each of these techniques, finding the one that is your pathway to Enlightenment. 

Finders Course uses wearable technology, tracks significant amounts of data, and has a very high success rate among participants. It takes less than 5 months to achieve a goal that used to take decades, and while efficient, it does require 2-3 hours a day of practice. 

The practice is worth it. Think about all the work you would have had to do to find a monastery, put your life on hold, follow traditions, sweep floors, etc etc etc. By organizing your life around a major goal, and initiating your actions intelligently, you can be very effective and very efficient and succeed in a fraction of the time. 

This is a sneak peek to my new magical book. I am trying to share it with you ASAP. Stay tuned for the updates.

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