Happiness is a choice.

Therefore, suffering is also optional.

Your immortal perspective comes from your deep awareness of your living so many lifetimes, of having been here before. This perspective could be 0 to 100% online or anywhere in between, any moment of now.

Allow yourself to be at peace in the knowledge that your feelings, your experiences, and your truth have shaped reality in such a way as to help you remember your truth…and thus, in seeing your truth, in realizing you are a soul, your abilities to see the material world as a school you helped design will liberate your consciousness to recreate that world… recreate this part of the matrix… as serves your highest and best.

ALLOW YOURSELF the full power available to you as a Magical being.

Remember that your power levels are what they are for your own protection.

Just as a rhino could break through a wall of paper effortlessly, there is an aspect of you so mighty as to enable you to transcend anything you perceive as an obstacle with an effortless flow.

ELEVATE your discernment of what is an obstacle.

RELAX into the stillness of knowing that love permeates all.

Allow gentleness to guide your decisions lest you act rashly. And REMEMBER that you are both the rhino and the paper. Do you want to “destroy” the obstacles in your path? Do you want life to attempt to “destroy” you, so you have to “fight back” in return?

Or do you want to harmonize, feel your strong side and your gentle side alike, your fire and your water, and flow in elemental balance?


You are the dancer and the music!

Allow not an abrasive rhythm to distort your inner peace. Rather, become the rhythm; see the beauty in what you would. Otherwise, judge with harshness. Feeling the gentleness with an open heart, with the warming rays of true awe and deeply embodied love for the life you get to live.

You can see the goodness in all things, the blooming rose, and the toxic waste.

You can see the soul in every being… the saint and the sinner alike…and all those aspects of you.

You can see the lessons we all chose to learn and celebrate our collective gifts as opportunities for growth.

Nothing happens by accident.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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