What’s the value of science and at what point are we satisfied with the science? Because science involves all the time. You can have biased people, you can have botched experiments, you can app or methods, you can have smaller sample sizes, you can have changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, you can have different interpretations with language, you can have so many varying factors no.

Consciousness and Reality: Facts

We are understanding that consciousness affects reality. The Princeton PEAR Lab and Stanford labs and so many people measure consciousness disease as a factor I only just finished real quick with understanding consciousness as a factor it gets really tricky in terms of measuring experimental. Experimental results. So you could test well penicillin kill certain types of bacteria in a petri dish. Sure will the same amount of penicillin or whatever antibiotic killed the same infection in different bodies say their exact clone body’s, identical twins live the same life.

Consciousness and Reality

One person is an optimist the other is a pessimist and because of that from all the research, we know about stress the optimist has a higher t-cell count and the penicillin or whatever antibiotic does better in their body and then they’re healthier with the microbiome afterward. So it really boils down to precisely what we’re looking at and why and so to step back a second and to not get so meta because you can just get lost in that entire life. That was a really good example of not meta. So is that a Princeton or Stanford? Or where was that?

Stanford RI and Princeton had the PEAR Lab, which was closed, unfortunately, and in Petaluma, there’s the Institute of Medical Sciences or ions noetic sciences… And then what’s this SRI stand for again? I believe it’s Stanford Research Institute. And then that they have a consciousness division within. Well, they had a lot of organizations. Aren’t publicly about this stuff anymore because it’s tough to study something that’s so outside of the third.

Reasons to Analyze Consciousness

Reasons to Analyze Consciousness

There, there’s a lot of reasons, political and industrial and cultural. One example that people could find if they Google it is a guy named Russell Targ was paid a ton of money by the CIA to look into this topic of remote viewing / astral projection depending on the system.

And he beat the silver market and got profiled in The Wall Street Journal for accurately predicting the silver market. Now he had all these things that it could be for personal gain it had to be for the benefit of the world. But he was able to do something in a way that a major mainstream publication said yes this is legit.

So the question isn’t what science is that there today that you can find and walk into a lab and say you know to show me how you can levitate this cat or show me what she is and prove it as true or false so that the whole James Randi thing, which I don’t want to get into.

More about this coming soon.

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