I recommend the Building a Pranic Sun exercise three times a day for a month. Each practice should take about five minutes, and the Magical Fun of Chi Superpowers should be a great motivation to meditate if you aren’t already inspired. The probability of you feeling your Prana and development of basic working skills with it is nearly guaranteed if you follow this practice with devotion, and likely you’ll pick it up within several days.

Once you build proficiency in chi, you’ll even be able to affect your musculoskeletal systems. Any time I’m feeling sore, tight, toxic, tired, ungrounded, or anything off center, I go outside (or play music inside) and perform a short self-healing practice.

Tree Pose Helps Building Your Chi Flow

One of the simplest and most powerful methods of building your chi flow is the posture “Tree Pose,” or Zhan Zhuang.

In southern China, this is often pronounced as “Jam Jong.” Holding Tree Pose will circulate the qi in your body, strengthening it, and often condensing it where your body needs it most. For example, if one leg or arm is inflamed or sore, you might feel muscle tension as you stand still, holding this pose.

That tension is often a buildup of chi clearing out toxins and strengthening the tissues as your system’s natural intelligence heals itself.

I used to go to a chiropractor and get massage therapy often.

Qigong – especially this pose – helped me realize I could simply stand still, apply my willpower, and regain physical balance.

It’s portable. It’s effective. And it’s free!

While as a reminder this isn’t medical advice, many of my students and those who train with master Adam Atman (adamatman.com) report a cessation of diseases of all types. Adam has recommended holding Tree Pose for one hour a day for six months to cure chronic ailments. While this may sound like quite a commitment, it’s far less of an ordeal than a lifetime of doctor appointments, with the waiting, expenses, side effects, and feeling cruddy at short term solutions which often cover up symptoms rather than healing the root cause.

Building Chi Flow

Tree Pose Practice

To practice tree pose, stand with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly and feel your heels on the ground. Relax your pelvis, and allow the knees to gently shift outwards. Keep your whole foot flat on the floor, and your spine perfectly straight.

As if you were hugging an invisible tree, hold your arms out, elbows bent, and palms facing you. The simplest pose is the one where your arms aren’t elevated but parallel with the ground; however, I’ve found that if you have neck issues, holding your arms higher helps, just as if you have pelvic issues, you can hold your arms lower, palms facing in towards the second chakra, and allow the chi to gather there.

As you allow your shoulders to drop, breathe slowly and deeply. Depending on how much time you can devote to your practices, this pose can double as a concentration exercise. Just as with sitting meditation, sensations in your body may arise to distract you. Similarly, you’ll want to be patient with yourself, starting with a manageable amount of time of 10 minutes, and increasing by one minute daily.

If you commit to doing this for even ten minutes, you might notice certain detoxification indicators like releasing of gas from the mouth or rectum, increased flow of mucus, a slight increase in heartbeat, and possible racing of thoughts. As you breathe deeply, maintain spinal alignment, and sink into the posture, you’ll practice mastery over your body and will allow it to do its work.

Once the detox process is finished (it gets shorter with more consistent practice, and usually doesn’t last more than 20 minutes if you maintain an otherwise healthy lifestyle), and sometimes even before then, you’ll notice an increase of chi in your body.

This might feel like a buzzing vibration, and if you’re sensitive, you’ll feel the tingles all over your skin.

Just like meditation, decide on the length of time in advance, and don’t cheat. This posture may be more physically uncomfortable, but unless you feel like your body is literally becoming injured, stay with it. As with lifting weights, certain sensations may feel uncomfortable but be to your highest benefit.

A local instructor, or at least someone to help by phone or video, can help guide you and confirm proper alignment and technique.

In the beginning, do what you need to do in order to focus.

Ideally, listen to the sounds of nature or simple music without lyrics you understand. Don’t watch anything digitally unless your mind and body are really fighting back; if so it’s best to watch something very, very simple, like the visuals of Electric Sheep, so your awareness is free to keep watch over your body. Ideally, build up to eyes closed, like with most meditation practices.

For all dedicated students, this is a required daily practice.

Try it now. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes, and see how you feel.

Of all the practices in this book, Tree Pose is one of the most universally beneficial.

Everything is connected. If you are good at feeling in general, you will have an advantage in being able to feel your Prana. Classes in Tai Chi, Qigong and Kundalini Yoga can help tremendously, especially if the instructor is live and provides real-time feedback.

Practicing Tree Pose With a Friend

If you practice Pranic Sun with a friend, whoever who feels less sensation can place their left between the hands of the person who feels it more strongly. It’s fun to experiment building Pranic Suns before and after Tree Pose to really see the difference!

Sharing Magical techniques can be fun. If you have a friend with no experience in chi and you’re wondering how likely they are to feel it, your best chances are with someone who is connected to their emotions, who is able to slow down, and who is a good listener. You can say “Hey, want to feel your chi? It’ll only take 2 minutes, and can change your life!”

When willing participants succeed, their eyes go wide. “Magic is Real, baby!” And you just did it.

There are many factors that affect your Prana, and your ability to perceive it. Just like your strength and your analytical and creative abilities can wax and wane, your ability to feel and project Prana may oscillate based on your sleep, diet, stress, environment, toxins, social support, emotions, physical energy, mental energy, and even the moon phases.

You don’t have to memorize all this stuff unless you want to walk the path towards mastery. As you approach it, after practicing 10-20 hours a week for years—the above factors will both matter less, and like the highest levels of Magic and manifestation, you will only need your consciousness.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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