We just went over a general architecture of the soul in a very, very minute way. What we did is we looked at two “I AM’s” and how each of those can be authentic to you. You can be authentically angry. Or you can be authentically peaceful.

Now, both of those “I AM’s” are you. And when you are the “I AM”, you mean that in the present moment and that is who you are.

Being in Peace

Being truly at peace does not mean necessarily that you are always as you represent anger.

You could feel anger but generally, have some amount of peace and some stability in your system. But you could sense the anger. You could have a lot more anger. And still, have enough peace to stay on. But you could have more anger in your system and less peace. Maybe 70 percent anger, 30 percent peace. And you could have so much anger. And you’re like 85 percent anger. But you still have enough peace to like stay on topic.

And then you could shift back… Say this is 78 percent peace… Say this is 83 percent peace… And let’s say; now this is 91 percent peace… Each of those was authentic at that moment. But all of those past ones do not exist.

What we’re getting at here is that you as a soul go through phases of destruction and creation. If you think about the macrocosm and the microcosm, the material matter that is your current body is pretty much-recycled dinosaur poops.

What are You Now?

What you are right now used to be parts of birds or used to be parts of soil. It could have been parts of building in an ancient or prehistoric world or could have been part of an alien spacecraft or a meteorite or was a part of The Big Bang. What happened before The Big Bang? Just the Universe goes like this or do we have no idea?

Well, you have changed forms in terms of your physical form in material reality and you as awareness have changed quality. You as a soul that has changed quality may recognize that you have gone from not existing to existing.

Now, let’s just use two different names. Let’s use Joe and let’s use Sam. And Sam can be for Samantha or Samuel. And Joe could be for being Joan or Joseph. So these are gender fluid name. So, when you were Joe in your past life is different from Sam. When you were angry is different from peaceful, yet there’s a continuum of these. Let’s take this continuum of motion because what we are describing as a person is we are describing a fourth-dimensional construct with a three-dimensional language of the time. Now when I tie this back into magic and why is useful and I want you to consider really how this can affect you in your daily activity.

This is about crafting of yourself. And if you want to craft the exterior world, it’s helpful to be able to craft your interior world and be a master to your interior world first and foremost.

Alchemy and Transmutation

So, when you alter the quality of yourself, you are doing alchemy. You are doing quality transmutation. Now, Magic can do work in the external world with consciousness. Say you know sales or NLP or How to Hypnotize People, or How to Influence People or just How to Direct and Guide Conversations. You generally have an idea of how to calm somebody down or these certain people. And maybe how to get them excited. You may or may not be good at this but you may know it intrinsically to occur into somebody to help them relax, to help them change their states, and to help them shift their being. And these shifts are going from states of existence that are more or less angry or more or less peaceful, along with all the other qualities of the emotional spectrum.

So, thinking for just a moment. What is Magic?

Magic is the art of transmuting reality.

What are you?

You’re part of reality. The art of transmuting yourself is a fundamental principle in Magic. And so, since Magic comes through you, and in some cases, comes from you and in many cases is you; being able to shift yourself is shifting these sculpture’s tools that you used to interact with the world. If you’re making a drawing, a thin pencil versus a thick quill dipped in ink, they’re different instruments. They create different calligraphic results. That is the same for you. If you’re angrier, you’re more peaceful, you affect the world in a different way.

I’d like to end this lesson with a brief assignment. That’s to look over your work from lesson one. And if you haven’t done this yet, try to get a week’s worth of data and go over that work and look at how much presence has affected your emotional quality and your emotional state. In the eighth time you notice yourself standing in line, how did that differ from the second time? How does your baseline differ? So your homework, your project and your assignment for this lesson are to write a bit of your reflection exercise for how this type of magical mindfulness has affected your ability to shift your awareness. And thus, transmute your very soul.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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