The conquering of fears, the recognition of entropy and the understanding of your true nature as a divine being on this planetary matrix and this hologram we call three dimensional reality

I don’t know if you have beliefs scientific knowledge or research that’s similar to mine

And at the moment of this recording to me ego complex that is David is 23 percent present as a witness and an organizer

And the other 73 percent David math is a collective evolutionary consciousness sticking through DAVID But the mechanisms that are a soul muscle and the body and what most people think of as a human being are topics covered in other talks and other transmissions that David has received and transcribed and we’ll be releasing this book if you’d like to help him reach out on a message and let him know

So the purpose of this transfer today is to let you know how precious you are

As a being of light any time you feel fear you’re invited to close her eyes and vision and feel the presence of somebody who loves you or who has loved you and you feel safer

Envision their body their personality their touch

That’s just the clothing of a soul who has lived over 500000 years and has had one identity that was known to take the added energy of spirit                       See that spirit as a glowing yellow ball or whatever other color helps you feel positive


See yourself going with law                       See all of material reality dissolve around you


If you hadn’t started doing this yet this is the visualization to pollers what you’re doing                       Receive the transmission receive the healing                       Receive


a leveling up as you sit


Stand                       Be who how and where you are know that your truth is the divine truth and Z with a capital T                       You stand there where as a sphere you exist and that’s too abstract you can maintain the presence of your body and your loved one’s body just as much glowing light as you can perceive


Or visualize even if it’s non-central this is this or is this


Keep this relax whatever you can receive you will get a shocking or relaxed face and if you’re not and if just listen to this and even if you’re multitasking that’s fine


This will get in your conscious and it will process in your sleep in your dream but in a trance and a journey at the right time to be in the shower and the bathroom


A moment of pause and stillness without conscious resistance




David perceived it as balls of light


Material reality


The hologram you think you believe you are vanishes and is vanished around you


Sound like a scene with no Morpheus in the Matrix and there are plenty of whites before all the giant rocks guns can


Be between the Fader’s when their expertness


It could envision any beautiful landscape but if you ever feel the visualization view with a deeper transmission of galactic consciousness and of your divine nature you don’t see that other peening balls of light simultaneously their personality their face their touch your shoulder and your chest any where you feel loving


I contact you journalists and kindness you show and support the feeling cared for and we can even go deeper esoterically into other beings


But there’s no denying dimension of consciousness unity perspective transmission’s is athon below as most of us are at Fifth and below third below the most hearing and understanding this or just as soon as the you and this ball of light and that fear entropy and entropy is darkness


You can visit the cave you can vision a black hole                       Black Hole is ideal because black holes suck in the light and they don’t deposit anything


At least under this much you can go that other dimensions and rescue it and transform it into the


But in this dimension they suck and light doesn’t come out and actually spin out there for alternative forms that we know


It sucks in the but you have power to distance it shifted off in space


Well you visualize that is several meters or miles of light years several eons because you know time and space are one just as you know you a part of it we are an immortal race so this black hole force this angry force thing which we have is love is what it puts out represents the void nothing else


It’s like a Dementor                       And Harry Potter managed the methods of rationality so that forces shift away you know loving supportive partner friend guide and or sure feel disregard the fear                       See it’s shifting                       It has eyes you can envision cat eyes the eye of star on anything that comes to easier for eyes are closed


You don’t                       This is not for you to look at that being’s eyes that’s for being far greater being who can hold unity consciousness and recognize that that is a part of these new                       But that’s life for you right now                       That being is looking to absorb everything that it can                       And that’s not what this planet anymore


There are those who are on a timeline of destruction cataclysm catastrophe sadness fear of loss and death or be mass for months death and even when the numbers are above and around and stopping at 333 million


Right                       Sort of 334 million that includes most major complications                       That’s a heck of a lot of people that I and it’s a heck of a cleansing                       But if you think Biblical Sug flood nuclear holocaust guy wiping off the planet                       Most if not all sentient life


Three hundred thirty three million is not that big of a loss                       If you identify with human lives as all that is and not the temporary vessels that they are and the parts of karma and the great we all flow then you will feel a great tragedy and sadness and many other things besides but if you understand the divine perspective this all that is                       Understand that even if you are hearing us not even if you comprehend or understand it


That number will not include you or anybody you truly love because we are all protected from unnecessary sudden death                       And those who die choose to die I have chosen to die before this life and even during some of conscious awareness and without That’s why you expand your consciousness to know your soul intent and allow you to regain your free will


To understand what that is because it’s far greater and far different than you’ve ever conceived it is a practical life exercise as a magic is real collective how to let go of fear anger shame guilt worry concern tips for click bait and marketing purposes and general takeaways do you                       That being your balls light negative emotion black hole entropy fear lack lack as it was common name especially with money                       Suffering is another one of the names related to health shifts away from your and you can make a comical                       You can envision it as a big puckering pink cartoon asshole and just smooth some cream over it put in a box say honey go off to the doctor                       Be love be taken care of and I’m not that guy                       I’m not that girl                       If you are great                       Love it                       That is the next stage                       That most of us aren’t ready for that yet


David has to me                       It’s that easy to not want to embrace                       It hurts fears traumas of sadness                       That at any time it’s it                       But he’s had a lot of trouble opening up                       It’s not that she’s not ready for this and that’s OK                       Just like if you have been traumatized raped abused so and from hurt


You face those experiences and see them fully and stare into the eyes of those interviews and those voids those two mentors when you’re ready                       And when you’re ready in a line pink fireworks hearts wrapped in cheer and love for it to get at that moment of true readiness and that instant level of feeling all these clowns it’s the fear and the worry and the projection that has caused more hurt


And when you allow it through when you allow that that puckering honest open and yes that is a hint to a practice of tantra relief you seek it safely in a truly educated fashion                       When you release and allow yourself to be open your court or you open your body to open your mind to be open things can flow through you                       And then you were cleansed you were cleansed of the fear the worry the guilt the need the controlled ness that entropy has manipulated through tendrils of space and time you’re conscious of artificial intelligence of humans you perceive as controlling and manipulative and they don’t want to name groups because that could trigger people                       And my job no                       Our job David’s job is to step out of the way a little bit                       Now David what’s to come for Fred


You know David he just to render if you be speaker OK so right now it’s about 40 percent David he’s holding on very strongly feels it’s very important you monthly acknowledgement                       So just to understand there’s some shifting of the language                       Oh now it’s 43 44                       That’s enough                       Now it’s 30                       It’s working on humility patience and understanding                       A first grader at his university is attached to being seen and known as the divine being is as God aren’t real                       And even though you have to fully detach in order to feel be truly not going to happen until it happens just like the magic levitation of those elephants so you surrender and allow the experience 24 this is get to get well


Sometimes you need to feel pain and not ready to process it                       That’s OK                       A four year old can’t play basketball with Shaq and other of the greatest players of all time in their prime most                       He has a couple of hours to get there and there was a few super but most mortals and most 9 year old cannot win a physical taking weight she’s a physical intense match against most 25 year olds 20 year olds who are highly trained in practice                       You hadn’t seen a 9 year old can disable an 50 if not 100 thousand                       They’re really really attuned to soul level                       People of all age groups with just crutches and you can see the center of mass                       If you don’t believe this you can truly stick this out in person                       You can see an older person or hear wrinkles throw many many other people simultaneously with that touch                       This is evidence of a bridge and many people want this and David stuff back


That’s 23 percent experience this


This is vital life energy                       The art of subtlety is understanding a part of reality that is nonphysical                       And this you must understand                       Now David the 10 percent we are at 90 you must hear this                       We are non physical and physical something                       Those who shirk who deny a three dimensional around time space continuum                       They are not getting unity if you want unity consciousness enlightenment Satori samadhi Nirvana through magic wand of levity that elephant get those millions slay with fuck with mass with that hologram                       You have to love the third dimension and everything that it includes                       Yes you are not at the moment being                       You have to love the third dimension                       You don’t then you’re just escaping                       Sure you can astral project you can probably you can realm you can mentally other stuff but if you are not in the third dimensional space you are not including part of who and what you are first and second attention or freebies points


Planes are like yeah it’s obvious is one perspective                       Yeah that’s obvious for a third and even fourth dimension of time


Is even though time and space are one from the fifth dimension perspective                       Time is relative as you know                       You travel faster than light times distorted


Faster than light                       We’ve proven this POCs                       And by we                       I don’t just mean the homosapiens that existed on Terra idea for less than a dozen years                       I mean the galactic beings Halie and terrariums and unagi liar and Centurian even distantly Entropia controlled Yes controlled beings like you                       And the Dracos various versions of which David has known and even considers friends because we have to get to love


Times maybe a bit of distance a safe distance and definitely energetically shielded from till they really really truly find the hearts which they may no longer identify with the part of the lifespan that is better Kantian Dracos because even polygynous even as beings of compassion love light are identified and some overlayed interfered with their identity                       David spent thirty thousand plus years of Inter                       He’s to temple and please and his office in heaven Richlands                       And when he was very young soul yes he was a reptilian                       So were you                       This is evolution is the fractal nature of life wrold consciousness                       You see cotillions crawling out of the mud evolving from worms evolving from the evolving from the sludge of the earth                       And you see primates and human beings and everything this goes on and on and on and on                       So if we look at alien species have you seriously research into politics


If you’re concerned about what to trust then look for a few sources or find friends who are super into this                       David has a pretty good library Krepinevich him but there’s just like look at a bunch of sources                       Find ones that seem to be in agreement and listen to your own true inner barometer                       If he was feeling a little love you’ll know the feeling of Troy may be sucked into the distant foe and you may need to take an oath or binding and David and many many other people spiritual healers for solidest a conscience that has shifted to allow part of holographic identity matrix to come in and see those people cannot be shaped tickly the implants recognize and just let the mind control understand the brain                       You smoothen messaging anything this doesn’t have to be super esoteric


You can start at your comfort zone cutting out people cutting out toxic foods sugar pop overly processed meat refined synthetic drugs that are fine if you use them maturely wisely responsibly and fully understandably                       Politicians are wonderful for access                       If your system is stable if it isn’t stable I recommend stabilizing you first                       This is David who had some trauma and is getting in our way of speaking                       And if we can David can step away with this disclaimer any being and all beings are truly above any being and all beings can experience what they call experience                       If you see or witness or have been or are individual and you get what we perceive as our collective having a traumatic experience with mental health drugs and or drugs that is chosen by the soul for that soul and those it would encounter and in with an intentional unity of souls over souls like umbrella’s we do want to get into the fractal nature of consciousness right now if you’ve seen somebody in a state of trauma or human trauma because her psychology has escaped you


That is you and your vessel expanding to taking more energy and the nervous system has not been able to contain that energy and the symptoms were thus and energy escapes through quote unquote weak points those weak points in the brain                       The mental health issues is those weak points are in the body                       You get pain and even disability and you see no true spiritual masters whether it’s Jesus or John M                       or just a person who seems random but is self-realized far over it doesn’t that it matters to us Hermes Marylynn etc                       whether you connect with Mohammed or Moses or mother Teresa if it came or Oprah whoever you connect us realize there is an amount of light at any time that trauma that overwhelm is present and too much for your experience and makes you want to shy away from this path


Maybe it’s like a wound stimulated by a sadistic beings who like causing pain                       Yes that exists                       Log self-surrender asked you not to focus on it                       Just shift more of the light                       You know how to get rid of depression                       So does Google                       You had to get out of that trauma                       So does Google whether you can afford a ton of healers or look at videos or just positons wasn’t just on your cell almost on here you need to feel and be who you are                       You can’t run away from things                       You can look up great video ideas like actualised or eggs or swine’s talking of what it is and what it is and what it means


But truly go up to the fifth dimensional space                       See the natural space of oneness or at least be open to the idea and see yourself as the ball of light                       See everything that isn’t love as polyps are called entropy in that fear of it back just as when you’re ready                       You’re covered in a safe box a separate zone not to be contaminated air allowed into your corner of the universe                       And bless it and you will receive instructions on this when you’re ready for work                       You’ll allow yourself to remember because you know deep level you already know how                       Allow yourself to peel away the layers onion that are become what you wish desire and tend you are unfathomable greatness you are immortal                       You are fucking awesome                       You are he she it they who stand up stomp on the ground pump your fist visualize bodies and a ball pops your fist and with the intention and might of a lion glare


Roar                       I love I am greatness                       I am here                       Anything else that you choose that you identify with                       Inspired to say it                       David has resonated through Bouchard directress mission through his people and just people but through abundance he saw that if I spread it anyway it’s through him                       David identifies as soul first for anything and this is sinking into David so much that it’s his primary duty                       He wanted to say source or creator and role model but we kind of took in took over a little bit higher self like it’s certainly off the stage                       Now David wants to come back and type this and edited and market it                       So our job here is done


Thank you for hearing                       We do get along transmissions                       So thank you for being part of that audience that can hold sustained attention                       Have a blessed beautiful day remember things ever get to Harry and his hologram that you created to learn from or that others created around you to learn and grow from and strengthen from to step back up all of life and the infinite realms of rainbow bunnies with magic wands and fountains of calorie free chocolate and infinite fluffy animals that contain no allergens and happiness and bliss and video games you can play for eternity without guilt or shame and joy and success and admiration and acknowledgments and positive emotion at that time we are in a moral race                       You are an immortal being                       All the positive emotion is accessible to you is free                       We will not give another transition after this one day to get some water and it will be a fun tourney for you


And have a beautiful day                       Thank you for your time and your time                       It is as if our


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