Free will plays a part into your spiritual ascension.

If you often pause, align and channel, or be in tune with your higher self, often this comes when you are about to make a decision.

For instance, we want to do Option A: Follow a temptation. Have something pleasurable or something that the ego wants. Or Option B: Get the opportunity to be of service, to have fulfillment and give. 

Now, the action might be the same but the intention may be different. Or the action and intention could be completely different depending on your responsibility or position of power.

Let us use food for example. You are torn between eating this tasty sugary thing or the veggies.

Both actions are completely fine. They have different causes and effects. But if your ego is saying: Oh, it’s fine. Have another cookie. Don’t worry about your diet. But your Higher Self is saying: Nope. We love salad. We feel great with salad. The pleasure of the ten-minute experience of eating and savoring that cookie is not equal to as much less the quality of life when eating that salad.

This is just a simple example. This can be related to sex or anything else.

It is when you choose your Highest Self that you realize the perfect action.

But consider this; if that was the perfect action, where does free will comes in?

If you had one perfect action, is that really your choice? Was that the choice of your Over-Soul or Higher Self? It could be that some part of you is not integrated at that moment, but that you brought it in. It could be that you choose to allow it to be integrated and act in accordance with it.

We could say that as we ascend, we get in a higher alignment with our highest and truest Self and we follow that.

Does that mean you’re choosing to do that and thus you have free will?

Or if you are surrendering to that and you allow your will to be God’s will, Goddess’ will, Higher Self Source and Universe will, whatever you call it at that moment, that maybe you surrender the ego’s desires. Does that mean you’re surrendering your free will?

Does that mean that as you ascend, and get closer to the realm of being Angel, you surrender your free will?

Well, that’s an interesting topic of debate.

So, I’d like to offer that free will is a choice. And yes, certain choices take more effort. When you use your free will, you use the science of Applied Consciousness or Magic, as to Clarke’s definition.

You may choose to accept this truth or not.

And that is you exercising your will, your Divine Will, which is God’s part within you to enact the mechanisms and actions where your rational mind can only accept based on your life experiences. To exert your will over the world and no longer be a slave to what is or what was is to be in a new moment of now.

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I hope you really enjoyed this and want to read more.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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