How do energy workers measure their skills, their strength, their effectiveness? Are the popular books we know of today the industry’s best, or simply the ones that have survived persecution?

It’s not unheard of that some pharma companies, with their multi-billion-dollar advertising budgets, would engage in efforts, both direct and subtle, to discredit energy healing and energy work. If you dig deeply enough (or perhaps if you dig at all), you’ll find a field littered with skeptics who simply repeat meme’s they’ve read, rather than give an honest effort at analyzing the mounds of research that support energy healing, psychic abilities, precognition, past lives, telepathy, telekinesis, and nonphysical beings. Individuals not so thoroughly educated as to have an informed an opinion, yet vehemently saying “that isn’t real!” or “there’s no proof!” and finding any angle they can to discredit legitimate evidence.

If you’re on the cusp of shifting from “Skeptic” to “Believer,” and eventually “knower” that Magic is Real, I recommend you check out:

The Society for Scientific Exploration

You Are The Placebo

Real Magic

William Tiller Institute

Institute of Noetic Sciences

And, with an open mind, see how those who have used the Scientific Method, and reviewed others who have done so, to demonstrate with a high degree of significance that consciousness can affect the material world.

Ridicule is probably one of the most hurtful things to the ego of a new student. Even though we’re working on transmuting emotions and refining our egos to merge them with our souls — even with all the stuff about detachment and Be The Witness, we’re talking about societal impressions here, and the disservice to an Art when it is passed down with poor and incomplete teaching.

Only with more schools, more transparency in the teachings, measurable certifications and more scientific data can we truly qualify and quantify the difference between a good healer (or a psychic), expert healer, and a fraud. There is a way to fix this, if we choose to recognize it. Ladies and gentlemen and everyone else, I hereby proclaim:

The era of Magical Science has begun!

There’s a chicken and an egg scenario when people can go around and say “I do Reiki” yet can’t represent the level of their skill—or worse, their effectiveness. If you want a dentist, Yelp and other sites can give you ratings and reviews. Research physicians can tell you the percentage of patients who are successfully affected by a treatment. We need more people and more tools to help us do the same with energetic healing.

We need to draw back the Bamboo Curtain and really take an uncensored look at the 5000+ year old history of medical Qigong in China.

We need to be real with ourselves about the truth of the origin of the human race, examine the archaeological evidence and historical records about the beings with large bodies and long heads that were prevalent in Egypt and Sumeria, and consider the Magicians and Healers of those eras, and consider where they received their information, advanced as it was for that age.

We need to remember how knowledge becomes discovered and lost. We need to stop and realize that most people have heard of Atlantis, and many disagree of what, when, and where it was.

We need to remember that even in the United States, with all its innovations and marketing, the standard procedures for nutrition, fitness and even child raising can change drastically decade to decade.

How surprising then would it be to realize that this science has been performed before, the discoveries made and the research found—only to simply fall out of fashion?

Or be suppressed. Repressed. Hidden. The term “Occult” derives from “Occluded,” meaning “Hidden.”

There’s nothing mysterious, dark or woo-woo about it. With all the information in the world and all the interesting parties wanting to take credit to further their careers, it’s no surprise that methods of healing traditionally passed down between compassionate, selfless individuals…gets buried.

So where do we start? Start actually learning the truth about Chi, and being convinced that it is real?

Start separating fact from fiction?

Start realizing some things that sound like fiction—such as masters standing with all their weight on one finger, painting while standing on eggshells, and stopping bullets with their bare palms—these things are actually possible with dedicated training, just like any other complex skill?

Complicating the matter is the large volume of information available. A read through Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light or Core Light Healing can give you some mental proficiency of her system. You’ll also learn fundamental truths that translate into other modalities. But comparing the Brennan method to your local acupuncturist’s hands on Qigong therapy? Good luck!

Only with a larger and more mature industry can we truly rate, compare and improve, innovating on the ancient sciences just like western medicine has helped advance the knowledge of acupuncture by showing—with fMRIs—more of what’s occurring during a treatment.

If you want to be part of this incredible Magical scientific revolution and help organize the info on applied consciousness in an incredible wiki, please reach out.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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