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Power is faucet through which life flows forth.

Many of us mistake power for force. But this is not so. Power is the means through which action is accomplished. Power allows. Force commands.

Power is a conscious, sentient, intelligent energy that both builds and erodes mountains.

Power organizes force.

That’s why, if you’re facing a powerful, 80-year old martial arts master, and you try to force him to step back, you’ll likely be on the receiving end of a maneuver that leaves you off balance if the master is kind, and in the dirt, if she has a sense of humor.

Things You Can Achieve With Power

If you want to master aerokinesis and affect the direction of the wind, visibly confirming a magical ability with observable, measurable phenomena, you can only achieve this with Power. I have done this, many times, seeing the effect on flags and plants, feeling it as the direction and strength of the wind changes, based on my work, and skillful application of Power.

(nb: “Power” with a capital P speaks of the intelligent force. Writing “power” without caps indicates the mundane definition, like the horsepower of a car. Until a new language is adopted, we must deal with synonyms in such a fashion.)

Force vs. Power

Force vs. Power

If you wish to push a cow, you can use force. If you are stronger than the cow, it will move. However, if you use Power, it can be easy. Relying on the intelligence innate in power, you can understand more forces (elements) than simply a vector of mechanical energy.*

*(Here we run into another synonym issue. As power can organize multiple forces – like the power of your central nervous system can organize and coordinate the function of all your organs – for clarity I use “force element” as one of the many factors in creating change in the material world.)

One force element (FE) is the cow’s intention. This is easy to direct; be kind to the cow, put tasty food in the direction you wish him to move.

Another FE is the escalation of intensity. If you apply 100 lbs of pressure instantly, that could startle the cow. If you apply it in subtle amounts, and gradually increase it, the 100 lbs you eventually shift to won’t cause such a shock, and if that is the threshold needed to signal the cow’s motor cortex to move, it will move.

Another FE is the cow’s awareness. An intelligent cow will be aware of 5 lbs of pressure in the direction you wish it to move. If the cow has high awareness and enough additional FEs are in play, you will need less of the specific FE of physical force to move the cow.

Thus, awareness and intelligent application of power make you efficient.

Rare Magic

Have you ever realized some types of magic are incredibly rare? One explanation is that they are really hard – or following the above, that they require a significant amount of power.

Take moving the wind versus resurrecting a bird. In your heart of hearts, you may realize (know, remember) that moving the wind is easier than resurrecting a bird. The number of factors is incredibly smaller* in moving the wind.

*(Note we are talking from a non-unity perspective; for advanced magical instruction which, when mastered, makes both resurrection and aerokinesis effortless, a state of unity is required. Because this can take lifetimes to touch – much less master – we are learning the “traditional” way. For the fast track route, see chapters on Unity. While you may touch this in moments of extreme power, it is much harder to shift into.

Paths to Magic

Paths to Magic

There are multiple paths you can take; if you wish to do the most efficient path, which has the longest ramp up, dedicate yourself immediately to a path of understanding unity. My magical training instruction is such a path, yet most mystical tradition in their purest form teaches this. For one straightforward body of knowledge and exercises that can lead to this, see If you’re interested in registering, contact me, and I may be able to secure you a discount. Your focus with Finder’s Course will be on a basic form of enlightenment called Non-Symbolic Experience. From NSE, magic may arise spontaneously, and you will eventually need to study arts such as what I teach, yet your method of action will be significantly different.

In an ideal world, the material of Finder’s Course would be a prerequisite for everyone who wishes to learn magic. However, FC has, as of this writing, limited spots – and while based on an immense amount of research, may not be for everyone for personal reasons. You found me because at some level you wanted to learn from me, so trust your intuition on whether to pursue this supplementary – and highly recommended – training.

Learn Practical Magic

Learn psychic abilities, Money Magic, energy healing, astral projection, manifestation and alchemy.

This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

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