This is your nondual primer, written with tools of duality. When you look into your reflection with another mirror behind you, and see the infinite hall of mirrors, seeing the same image represented countless times in a portal to infinity… you realize.

The hand grasps itself.

The serpent swallows its tail.

Every reading of the chapter of my book, Magic Is Real, is a ride in the vehicle of transmutation, purifying the metal of your spirit as you ascend into gold, into crystal, into light.

This is your chariot to self realization.

The most powerful and most insignificant of all text, and all points in between, if you see it as such.

Words. Symbols. Expression. Creation.

The observer is the creator. The wave function of Quantum Spirituality collapses, and reality… is.

And based on your perception, your choices, it is also not, always and all ways, as you are free to choose, in every moment herein.

Therefore let this work serve as your Bible or your toilet paper, based on what you need most in this moment.

Emobidiment Ladder

It is through the strength of your will that you elevate:

  • Idea to Thought
  • Thought to Hope
  • Hope to Belief
  • Belief to Faith
  • Faith to Knowledge
  • And Knowledge to Embodiment

This scale is one map: A road to manifestation. Any concept you perceive can elevate from idea to the experience of embodiment. While in the physical world certain actions may be necessary, in the Magical arts, all is intention, as you very well know.

Embodiment ladder

Therefore, for maximum probability of success in any Magical action or plan, consider the state of your intention. Do you believe that your concept is possible? Or do you simply hope it is?

How do you shift between the two?

What would be required for you to elevate your belief to a knowing, a certainty of outcome?

You travel this ladder, experiencing every step, slowly or rapidly as fits the situation.

Climbing up the Embodiment Ladder

Before moving on, pause and consider one of your life’s most important goals. Most goals are held in the mind’s eye—for if they were already your experience they would not be on your to-do list.

Practice climbing up this ladder to self realization. What mental, emotional, spiritual and physical actions do you feel you must take to elevate the goal to a level of faith; a level of deep convicted knowing of manifestation, before all supporting evidence is physically present?

Pause, and do this now.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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