Feeling Prana, and drawing it forth, is one of my favorite Minor Magical Powers. If I’m tired, I can summon forth vast amounts to energize the body. If I’m de-motivated, I can lie down, get very still, and draw forth a type of Qi called Shen to raise my spirits. If I feel inflammation in the body, I can focus and project it outwards as heat.

There are some Chinese masters who can even create fire with their Qi, as demonstrated repeatedly on YouTube.

If you practice Prana work regularly, you will slowly and steadily gain the capacity to:

● Draw energy forth from the universe and direct it to strengthen your mind, body and spirit;

● Increase your vital energy—literally that which keeps you awake, alert, and alive;

● Heal more quickly;

● Have a stronger intuition;and

● Project your chi so others can feel it (this takes considerably more practice—start with supportive close friends, and stay humble.)

Ways to Build Prana

● Eat healthy. Organic fruits and vegetables, non-processed foods. Clean protein from the healthiest sources you can find. Spirulina and activated charcoal taken properly can detoxify your system, and as always, professional advice and laboratory testing is key to assess your health.

● A microbiome free of parasites like candida, and rich in prebiotics and probiotic flora will help you absorb nutrients, maintain a stable mood and weight, and maintain healthy hormone levels.

● Minimal or zero amounts of alcohol or mind altering substances. If you have been consuming naturally grown plant medicines, you may wish to consider taking a break until you can share all of your activities with a skilled and experienced mentor, who can help you understand fully, from an energetic and physical perspective, how you are affecting your brain and organs.

Recreational drugs can imbalance your system. Altered states of consciousness from these and other methods can heighten perception and show you a level of advancement far beyond your current level—however, for their side effects, and the possibility of habituation, I recommend pausing their use until you fully understand what they do to your body, how to mitigate side effects, and considering if you really need them, or are self-medicating for something which can be healed rather than avoided. Intelligently designed, carefully planned, measured, researched, customized, well advised and intentional purposes are key. Because these substances can alter your perception, you will need to replicate and verify everything you experience in an altered state while “clean” and validate what appears to be knowledge and very well may be, yet also may not.

Recreational Drugs and Prana

Significant research is being performed on psilocybin, ayahuasca, MDMA, and cannabinoids for healing and consciousness expanding purposes. Just as you wouldn’t practice a backflip over concrete without supervision and training (and even then, the mats are probably better), so too should you not mistake general information for that which applies to your specific scenario.

Given the growing use of plant medicines, some additional info: They generally deplete your chi (as a word for physical vitality, rather than the general term) and transmute it into Shen (Spiritual energy).

If you have decided independently to use them, you may be curious about the habits of practicing Shamans and Alchemists who partake 1-2 times per month for specific purposes. Daily and even weekly use can cause an imbalance in the system that, depending on the amount and your sensitivity, can take a lot of work to repair.

While use of plant medicines has also been reported to help awaken clairvoyant abilities, they can also let in darker spirits.

Compulsions or justifications of anger, sexual inappropriateness, impaired judgment, rash decision making, and heightened fear are some of the potential side effects of using medicines without the ideal set and setting, or with overuse.

The highs and huge boosts to creativity also reflect a neurological shift. As more blood goes to the right side of the brain, and to the temporal prefrontal gyrus which is responsible for intuition, less blood can flow to the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex, the seat of our “Executive Functions” of logical thinking, planning and decision making. The word “Integration” refers to both coming “back to the real world” and giving yourself time to rebalance neurologically.

Just like when drunk, your capabilities change, the same can happen with plant medicine use. For these reasons, along with an unintentional deadly overdose of one of my dear friends, I’ve begun an intensive research project to provide resources and instruction to help you get in altered states of consciousness without taking medicines or drugs.

Third Eye

I’ve also started opening people’s third eyes energetically through the laying on of hands. Offering transmissions can be a fast and clean way to level up, but of course it’s limited to those I can meet with in person.

● Dragon Herbs is a fantastic organization to call [ask for an Herbalist] for recommendations on building your spiritual energy (Shen) naturally. As your Shen rises, your access to channeling, creativity, energy work and similar abilities will also rise.

● Men, you can strengthen your reserves of Qi by refraining from ejaculation, or at least cutting down frequency. This may take some getting used to, and it’s absolutely worthwhile. There are advanced tantric techniques to ejaculate while not losing energy, but the simplest way around this is to enjoy sexual activity, stop before you feel like you’re even approaching even the urge, and mindfully yet gently pull the energy back into you. A book full of techniques and in depth instruction is The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia, who also wrote The Multi-Orgasmic Woman.

● Introductory Tantra (working with the sexual energies of the body) and can be performed by all genders to build up sexual energy, then shifting it to a location where you feel depleted. Many pro athletes do this before a competition. Again, be advised of balance. While finding a live instructor is ideal, this practice isn’t yet common in the west. I recommend at last five hours of research before trying these techniques, and at that point, start small, in five minute increments.

Solitary practice is preferable unless you have a very mindful and loving partner and you are both aligned. Neediness and the psychology behind sex with others can interfere with spiritual growth work in a major way, which is why traditionally many monks have been celibate. I’m not suggesting that could be right for your system.

Practicing Tantra with a fully aware, present, mature and energy conscious partner is completely different from the superficial, orgasm-centric sexual activities that seem so common.

Quitting porn can help with many things, including this area of your life. The rapid-fire images and stimulation can result in addictions and tendencies that aren’t in harmony with our normal mental and biological rhythms, and create objectification and emotional detachment, along with an unnatural hunger, that will lead you to depleting your energy in ways which won’t serve your Magical and energetic development.

Most importantly when considering any teacher is finding someone with the utmost respect and consideration. You should never feel forced, compelled or persuaded to do anything in any way, and techniques can be discussed while fully clothed. If something feels wholesome, grounded and true to you, great. If not, trust your intuition and stay safe.

It should go without saying that mixing sex and drugs can amplify the effects of each, both desirable and undesirable.


Mindfulness is key. There are so many ways to enhance your consciousness naturally.

Don’t get caught up in the trap of justifying pleasure by calling it “spiritual” when you know deep down that if you shared all the details of your intentions and activities with a respected teacher, they wouldn’t agree.

Of course, this isn’t a blanket prohibition, and amplified states can take you places you couldn’t go to normally. Just consider the benefits, risks and alternatives. Consider the next 10 years of your life, and practices that you can do sustainably, consistently, while traveling, and in groups.

Since group fields, daily practices, and deep focus all amplify Magical power, I recommend breathwork as the overall best way to enhance consciousness.

Get updates via MagicalGoldenAge.com and in future books for detailed instructions on natural ways to achieve altered and enhanced states of consciousness, such as holotropic breathing, pranayama (yogic breath control exercises), use of lights, magnets and binaural beats, fasting, Kundalini practices, and other techniques.

● In Damanhurian Alchemy School, we learned to record precise details for any type of experiment; the same would benefit you, as your own personal scientist, so you can measure and replicate good results, and avoid poor ones.

Your activities, food and liquid intake, exercise, environment, state of mind, peers, intentions and results all matter when considering which actions to take now and in the future Whatever your choices, be safe!

Of course, it needs to be said for liability that I and we don’t endorse any use of drugs or illegal activity.

You can also build healthy Pranic levels by getting sufficient sleep, feeling and savoring positive emotion, avoiding EMF pollution and avoiding toxic individuals, since you won’t have to use your energy to protect yourself.

Regular practice of Tai Chi, Qigong and any other physical exercise done mindfully and energetically is a great daily habit as well. You can even turn running and weight training into a personalized Qigong with mindfulness and breath, once you have good focus and visualization. If building Prana, Qi or Shen is a priority for you, consider the arts that have been honed for thousands of years before reinventing the wheel.

● Prana is a major component of Magical Strength. Larger Workings require larger amounts of energy, and high daily energy levels can help you make Magic commonplace. The more serious you take your training, the faster you’ll progress.

● As your practice grows, so too will your health improve, and your need for sleep may gradually decrease. The time will pay for itself in many ways.

May the force be with you!


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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