The healing process is like an onion. You peel off one layer, remove a hurt and receive a gift. You then live life from a deeper level, having more access to yourself, and to the possibilities of creation.

Then, after a time, you notice the next layer. You might feel like history is repeating itself as old feelings resurface – but if you step back and look, you are simply entering a part of a natural, eternal cycle.

Your abilities to detach and let go – to not need life to be a certain way – are what will liberate you from trying to control the river, rather than flow with it.

Sometimes we must shed old parts of ourselves, parts of our life that no longer serve us, in order to step into a new stage. Just like a change of clothes, we can honor the people, places, and things that served us at one rung of the onion… as we consider what will serve us best for the next.

The more clear, aligned and empowered you are to this process, the more you align with your deepest truths. The destiny you chose as a soul to experience in this life must be matched by your ego’s choice to experience it – including all the prerequisites you believe are necessary.

Whenever in doubt, consider karma. Selfish actions carry you backward on the river of life. Acts of true and devoted selfless service carry you forward.

Do you want to be helped? Help others. Do you want to be given a gift? Give gifts to others. The rules of reality are really quite simple. Even if all you have to give is kindness, the Universe will remember that, and send you back a magnification of those energies based on your sincerity and your prayers.

Yes, the universe knows whether or not you mean it. Yes, you can fake it till you make it. Yes, the strength of your conviction affects how much the karmic system will work in your favor.

In my book, Magic Is Real, as in life, you can always encounter things that can trigger you.

These moments of activation are your tests.

Do you respond by pausing, breathing, or considering? Do you respond by loving whatever arises? Or do you react, get stuck in an emotional pattern, and allow conditioned responses to dominate you, consume you, until unconscious energy bleeds over into your conversations, your relationships, and your health?

Traditional approaches to spiritual growth can take so much work and effort – until it becomes effortless—it will!

For this reason (and just for kicks) we’ve included much levity, a Halftime Show of Magical.

Playtime, Astral Journeys, poetry, corny jokes, and casual writing to give you a break. To add variety. To represent more aspects of the infinite variety of experiences that is Unity. And of course, to Make Spirituality Fun Again!


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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