A clear and accurate intuition is linked to trust.

Your intuition is many things, including:

● The collection of memories of your body and subconscious mind (3rd dimension);

● Energetic information available as you need it (4th);

● The voice of your higher self, soul, Oversoul, and guides (5th);

● A telepathic answer to your prayers (6th);

● A divine being supporting you with empathic and telepathic guidance (7th); and

● Your innate knowing of Truth (8th and 9th).

Intuition vs. Sub-personalities

When considering the source of an inner voice, knowing the difference between your intuition, egos/sub-personalities, and astral beings is a very subtle skill. It will increase with time and practice, and you would be best served by being gentle with yourself and offering forgiveness any time you discover, usually through hindsight, that the guidance you followed may have come from a mix of sources.

Alain Forget’s book How to Get Out of this World Alive discusses the concept of Sub-Personalities in great detail. A smart and hilarious FanFiction that has names and qualities to different inner voices is Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, found at hpmor.com and hpmorpodcast.com.

One of the best ways to develop the discernment and trust of a healthy intuitive relationship is to track cause and effect.

What did your intuition say? What did the voice feel like? Did it have a name? How were the results? Did the voice feel like soul, which is still, calm and consistent— or was it more of an insisting compulsion, slightly erratic in feeling, and evoked tension in your body? The latter example is more likely something other than intuitive guidance you want to follow, as one of the best ways to know intuition VS non-intuition is how relaxed your body is.

Useful Sources on Intuition

Teal Swan has a great video called “How to Use your Intuition (The Inner Voice):

Deepak Chopra released the video “What is Intuition?”

Ray Maor released the video “How to Strengthen your Intuition”:

Rudolf Steiner’s book How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation is dense and relatively advanced, and can help you build discernment of higher dimensions and non-physical beings.

Your applied will to become a strong Magician determines how much value you get from my book, Magic is Real. Because progress comes from practice and initiative, we have chosen to list the next key foundational qualities rather than give you long elaborations with many resources. Based on your requests on social media, in Masterminds and elsewhere, we will elaborate on these skills and add more techniques and success stories.

Additional teachings will be spread throughout future books, videos, and speaking engagements.

Trust your intuition to guide you to the categories where you need the most development. When you have live support from an embodied teacher, his will can augment yours and often enable you to progress faster and more deeply. Live support from fellow students can help as well if they are aligned and there is a good organization.

We say “embodied” as bodies are necessary for the will mentioned above, which integrates mind and physical practices.

Your teachers need not be embodied to relay other information, of course. As you grow in the skills of soul embodiment and channeling, you can receive the support of an augmented will from a nonphysical teacher.

Wherever you may be in your spiritual journey, know that I am here for you.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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