“We read for inspiration. We practice for progress.”

Sifu Brown

For your progress along the continuum of Enlightenment.

For your consistent and escalating manifestations of Miracles. For your permission to MAKE SPIRITUALITY FUN AGAIN, and for your Magical and Spiritual Ascension.

Read these and reap 10% of the benefit.

Perform these, and receive 70%.

Embody these with absolute focus and devotion, your best efforts, your highest level performance: gain all you can gain.

This, like life, is a pop quiz. You are fully prepared. This moment will never come again, though your future selves can retake future quizzes and combine their scores.

This is an offering, at a precise time in precise circumstances.

Unless the consequences would be dire, proceed immediately, until completion, without pause.

And just now, in your moment of decision, did you practice action, or practice procrastination?

Awareness Practice Instructions

Repeat aloud with a clear and strong voice. Have conviction.

Visualize as richly and completely as you can.

Focus upward, on the space in the center of your head. The Sanctum Sanctorum; holy of holies; innermost chamber; your Chamber of Secrets.

The eye of Horus.

This is a call and response exercise. The first time you read a statement, encounter it, receive it. The second time, say it aloud.


I repeat these words


“I repeat these words

Exercise of Awareness

“To Begin Editing my Source Code”

“I receive this template as an offering”

“To my Higher Self”

“That I May Grow.”

“May my sixth chakra blossom”

“May it open, detoxify, heal.”

“May it shine brightly with the purple light of awareness”

“And may the physical bridge, that is my Pineal Gland

“Be Perfectly Open, that my Third Eye may See”

“I now receive these words”

“As if they were my own”

“And for the incantations that follow”

“May I know them as written by me.”

“And accept them as my own, a message from myself to myself”.

“I see the energies of my brain. I see swirling colors around a pink and tan organ, the biological conduit for my consciousness.

 “I am awareness. I am that which perceives, knowing the object. I witness—my current body—as part of me, but not all of me.

“I remember the emotion. I remember happiness, and see the event in my life where I can feel it, in my body.

“I see that area of my brain illuminate, a yellow glow.

“I open and feel the serotonin, the dopamine, and oxytocin. I smile, call forth the memory, allow it to surface. No thoughts; only experience. I feel the yellow, the event, the chemistry. I know myself in this moment to be happy.

“And I release it, as breath and as color.”

“As the color flows, the emotion goes. There is stillness inside me. I am still.”

Breathe four times. Each breath increasing density, brightness, the color and the light. Shine. Power. Your essence. You, the eternal light.

“I am stillness.

“I am still.”

Pause to reflect, or to continue releasing the emotional charge as a color until there is no emotion left.

“The oneness of universal sound, the eternal Om. Pronounced as Aum, adapted to some cultures as Amen. This word I reclaim in my own Magic, in my own name.

“So I say, long, loud and sincere. Auuuuummmmmmmmm.

“So mote it be.”

“I hereby reclaim and restore the traditions of spirituality and religion, and reboot them for our current Age, for Aquarius.

“In this word, my soul and emotion are one, through my body which vocalizes slowly, deeply, richly. Auuuuummm. Aaauuuummmm. Auummmmm.”

This book I write for myself; I am the author; I am the word.

Feeling the Flow

The flow of essence sees that which exists as an infinite spectrum of identities and meanings. Of the cycle of life and death, as represented in the energies of the goddess, I reclaim my essence as the divine feminine. May she awakens within me, and may every woman I witness—and every man too, feels the balance of the yin and the yang, moon and sun, earth and sky.

I remember the masculine energies, the creative forces of Shiva. Generative, directive. I see the power of these energies embodied in fluids, natural components of reality, representing the spark of life. Having, as above, only the meaning I choose to acknowledge.

I remember gender. I remember its purpose and the genderless nature of the soul. I release the need for labels and language.

I release myself from bondage.

I see myself as an infinite being. May my appearance, in cloth and words and expressions, express the fullness of my soul, as defined by me, fully accepting myself and fully receiving all the acceptance I will ever need.

I am whole.

I step into my truth as a full and complete being. I accept the dualistic illusion of gender in word and in form as part of my school in this world, in this time.

In this, I know the concept of meaning, and I know it to be a fabrication.

May all that has meaning be conscious to me. May I be aware of the meanings I hold, and feel permission to reprogram these meanings, infinitely, rewriting my own source code, in this body.

Feeling The Flow

Through this mind. As this soul.

Pause for 3 deep, restorative breaths.

I am of the collective known as God, expressed as the awareness I am.

I am all thoughts that arise, and none of them. I am he who refuses the call, and he who answers. I am she who knows herself as all things and no things. I am awareness.

I am that.


I recognize myself as living in greater clarity, in every day, in every way. I feel my knowing residing within me, beyond the need for interpretation, beyond the need for thought. I know the truth of my intuition, that spark of omniscience—divine self-realization in the container that is my life.

I recognize this life as one of my many lives, in all times, places, and parallel worlds. My consciousness encompasses all, and may my mind receive what it needs, in every moment of now.

I say these words and return to life, as it was. No more, no less but a moment of vibration, if only in the secret of my inner deepest thoughts.

May my thoughts be honored. May they be seen and felt as safe. May my thoughts represent my intentions, and may they be chosen consciously. May all of my thoughts be aligned with my highest and truest self, in clarity, at all times good.

I will be free of suffering. My thoughts will support this.

“I wish for all beings to be free of suffering. My thoughts support this.

I am that I am. And I am enough.

I live freely, feeling as I choose to feel. I am hereby liberated from condition-response, from the stimuli that evoked a reaction in a former mind and body. I am the light of consciousness that moves between worlds, and I choose the enlightenment that is right for me at this moment, in all moments henceforth.

“So mote it be.

Aum, deeply and richly, seven times. During each Aum, feel, see and know the reality, in your mind’s eye. Experience that which you have just called forth, and see yourself feeling, acting, living the incantations you have just evoked. You are a powerful wizard. And that was one beautiful spell.

I hope you have enjoyed this exercise. You can find more of them in my blog.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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