Honor your higher self. Live your highest truth in every moment. Be the person you intend to grow into, the person you respect and admire. Allow yourself to be aligned in every moment of now.

Perry Michaelson

A spiritual venture capitalist near San Francisco once said, “If I want something to happen, I just set an intention for it.”

That kind of manifestation ability becomes incrementally more available with practice. Like a duck gliding across a lake, it’s a simple description of a complex skill.

For that duck’s smooth motion to occur, she has to build up her strength and her skill for years, often unseen, and unappreciated.

You are more complicated than a duck.


How to Master Your Magical Skills

Mastering a variety of Magical skills—unless you were born an Archwizard flying on broomsticks and moving mountains with finger snaps—will require a sustained and devoted practice. Just like doing backflips, you can learn how to manifest, heal, and be psychic in a measurable amount of time. Be patient with yourself as you evolve from idea to ability, proficiency, and mastery.

As with gymnastics, there’s a period of training where you develop many simultaneous skills, a period leaof practice, trial and error. The excellence of flowing success occurs once you’ve done the work.

Certain individuals have been able to embody a channeled skill like Neo in the Matrix, and such as Vernon Kitabu Turner in his book, Soul Sword. You might tap into success early on as the universe supports your efforts, as Paulo Coelho shared in The Alchemist—yet the most likely path of skill progression will contain Peaks of ability, Valleys of mistakes and learning, and Plateaus where your abilities remain constant for a time.

How to Measure Improvement?

Magical skills

The key to proper measurement is average ability over time.

Especially if you like to quantify and graph your abilities on a weekly or monthly basis, taking occasional pulses can be very motivating. Of course, just like digging up a newly planted seed to check the progress of a flower, you don’t want to evaluate yourself too frequently. Focus on your successes—even the simple ones like learning how to practice! And they will build upon each other.

The following list of foundational skills will help you learn to shape reality like a duck glides across water. You start with the transformation of your perception and inner worlds, and from there, gain ability to shape probabilities, and thus the outer world of physical reality.

For each skill, a literal volume could be written, and a lifetime could be invested in mastery. The brief pointers we offer are meant to be guides for your practice. For any topic you feel the need to invest more time in, consider independent study, or if you are able, a Magical Mastermind where you can review these in greater detail with live instruction and group support.

Please know that I am here to support you, however I can.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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