An example of this fun Magical Skill occurred during the end of the Lucidity Festival in 2018.

After several days of offering workshops on enhanced energetic perception and astral sight, Money Magic and Manifestation, and the sacral chakra, I found myself packing my tent and quite hungry, having channeled vast amounts of energy while remaining totally present to be of absolute service for all gathered.

Every workshop was filled beyond capacity, and over 140 people signed up to keep in touch for Magical training (which I invite you to do here).

When all the cafes were closed and my food was packed away, I suddenly became very hungry.

The high energy output of the weekend and physical labor of the day triggered a strong psychological response.

This was before my Breatharian initiation, so my first response wasn’t to draw in chi. It was to listen to that persistent inner voice, which said, over and over: “Get more energy from calories.”

As I considered whether to eat or practice internal qigong, I remembered the Kybalion, a primary text of Hermetic studies. It states, quite definitively, that “All is in All.”

We are the source. As I’ve learned in Autobiography of a Yogi, and through studying with many living and astral masters, human beings can live completely on source energy. This energy is called Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit, Mana in Polynesian cultures, bio-field energy in the west, and many other things depending on your context. I use the words interchangeably, one small way of linking Magical systems from all cultures.

After all, if we’re working towards a Unified Theory of Magic, it makes sense to honor each part we seek to integrate!

Just like doing backflips, Pranic living is a skill. I recently heard Ray Maor, a teacher of a modern form of adapted and safe Breatharianism, admit to consuming 300-400 calories a day.

Rather than try to “force” a system which, when improperly taught, can harm many individuals, he lives in a balance of the astral and physical – with a heavier weight on the astral. He is energetic, healthy and muscular, and honors the material world even as he continuously shifts to higher levels of embodied awareness.

Another friend, Jan Ogden, Shaman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, said she eats because she enjoyed it. After a very intense experience with Native American spiritual teachers, she learned how to live off the energy of the sun and earth without taking food or water into her body.

Since childhood, I knew deep down that the skill of energetic transmutation can be learned. Michael Monk helped me understand a concept of “Soul Mass,” which is one way of looking at how the energy of consciousness coalesces and organizes into physical matter.

I’d read about the Placebo Effect and its effects on the hunger hormone Ghrelin, and performed several experiments years prior where I visualized eating rich chocolate truffles, and witnessed my mouth salivating, my craving sated, and my hunger disappearing.

During that moment at the festival, all this knowledge was swimming through my head, inspiring some reflection.

Can I survive on Chi alone?

Can it replace even a single meal?

While packing under a scorching sun, surrounded by loud electronic music and inhaling a constant stream of dust from trucks traveling on a dirt road, I started to feel physically weak. My mind said my body desired calories, protein, minerals, and other necessities. But, I wanted to learn… to apply, this skill of living off the source.

Throughout life, learning this had always been a priority… for the next month, This moment was a true test; a circumstance that couldn’t be replicated, because it wasn’t anticipated.

I stopped to unpack and stayed very still, taking a deep abdominal breath. On queue, my intuition said, “Turn to Autobiography of a Yogi, in the middle of the third chapter.”

I didn’t know that book by heart, and it had been about 8 months since the last reading. I didn’t remember what the chapter covered, but trusted my intuition; trusted the flow, and did as instructed. Opening Audible, I slid the bar very carefully to the exact center of chapter 3.

To paraphrase, this section contained a story by Yogananda of his days in a hermitage, where a swami told him to “Not ask for food, nor complain of hunger.”

Yogananda—then going by his birth name of Mukunda—said, “But what if I die?”

“Then… die,” the Swami replied.

He went on: “How do you think your digestive system works?

By the grace of God, like all things. If you are meant to die, you’ll die anyway. Learn to master your body if you want to master your soul.”

I smiled at the perfection of the moment, then went outside my tent, took a wide stance, and performed 3 minutes of Qigong to draw in the rich, dark red energy of nourishment into my body from the earth.

My hands then raised to the sky, pulling in sparkly silver streams from the heavens.

They swirled around my core, creating tingly feelings that spread all over my body as the yummy restorative Prana flooded into my system like intravenous liquid Magic.

The energy rose up my chest and into my face, forming a smile before I burst with laughter in wild, ecstatic joy. Muahahaahaa! Magic is real, and it tastes delicious! Heads turned, and curious expressions coupled with raised eyebrows at the spontaneous laughter. Was I tripping in the middle of the day?

I doubled over, cackling with glee, completely lost to my surroundings.

Food? Bah! I was full of the source of energy that causes physical matter to exist. The condensed sunlight, remnants of stars, billions of years compressed and transmuted! This was life essence in its rawest, purest form.

Let’s share moments like this together in our Spiritual Retreat in Bali!


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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