Magic is more powerful in groups, in collectives. If, like many of us, you learn better through action, through discussion, and through live workshops, sign up for Wizard School and reach out any time you feel called to receive personal support. This site’s Magical Newsletter and my personal Facebook Page both have information on future workshops as well.

A “Sorcerer,” in our language is one who works with Source energy. God, the Universe, the Matrix, Reality. All other connotations for the word “Sorcerer” belong to their respective cultures and need not be projected unless you wish the old to define the new.

As you likely choose to celebrate your Truth in every stage of growth – and likely don’t change your name at each of those stages – so too, as a civilization, do we need to rise above appearances and give old words new meaning.

Actively participating in online and in-person Magical communities will enable you to receive support, richer content, and more powerful experiences. By receiving the newsletter, for example, you can learn of new group Magical experiments, and how to enroll in Monthly Spells where we’ll work with divine beings like:

  • Thoth to support your Magical education; 
  • Lakshmi to bring you more energies of Success in your spiritual and financial endeavors; 
  • Vishnu to help you more effortlessly creates your reality; 
  • Athena to help you apply the wisdom you learn; 
  • Horus to see clearly from your third eye. 

And many more things like a Magical Mastermind, where you and up to 11 other students can receive live training, perform group rituals, and receive personal support on a weekly and monthly basis.

Reality is holographic. You create it. Consciousness is continuously changing the reality you create. Magic is changing yourself in ways that are reflected in the outside world – and thus applying quantum principles to create, and recreate reality.

Magic is, to honor Arthur C. Clarke, simply science we don’t yet fully understand.

As your Magical studies progress, your vocabulary will change.

Relatively soon, you could shift from saying “I’m casting a spell to make X happen” to “With intention, X is now Y.”

There is no limit to X.

There is no limit to Y.

My book, Magic Is Real will help you remember that.

And even better… this book will help you embody it.

The transmission of Magic Is Real will affect your system. This happens automatically and continuously as all words enter your subconscious mind, regardless of how much attention you are paying to the content

Even if you don’t consciously understand something while reading it, this book will create puzzle pieces that have their own intelligence and will self-assemble into usable paradigms, given the permission of your higher self.

The more you listen to Magic Is Real, the more you strengthen your Magical Muscle Memory.

The density of information here does mean that multiple readings will multiply the value you receive. As more of your Magical Education becomes conscious and fully embodied, more of your waking, rational mind will integrate the principles within.

This will help you shape reality at will, in more and more complex ways, faster and more naturally.

Practice makes perfect.

Just like drinking Kombucha fills you with millions of tiny life forms that strengthen your system as a whole, receiving this transmission will fill your probability field with millions of tiny options – options you can learn to assemble as you reorganize and recreate the factors that make up your entire life.

You are building, my friend, a Magical Neural Net.

I am sure you’re about to find your magic tribe in our Bali Spiritual Retreat.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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Learn psychic abilities, Money Magic, energy healing, astral projection, manifestation and alchemy.

This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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Magic is Real.

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