What is beauty?

Beauty is that which takes us in. It helps us feel uplifted. When we connect with it, it makes us feel relaxed and just enchanted.

Beauty is not lust.

Beauty is not nice colors in a canvass.

Beauty is abstract.

Beauty is not defined by anyone’s specific thing.

Beauty is expressed everywhere.

Appreciating Beauty

And as you appreciate and experience beauty, as you see beauty in the world and as you see beauty in nature and people and art and in experiences, you would feel beauty within yourself.

And if you could see yourself as beautiful, that takes that love, that appreciation, that gratitude and that focuses within.

Anytime you really want to appreciate something and just enjoy life, try to see the beauty in the person, the thing, the experience.

Let me know what you feel.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.