Your intention is the ultimate factor in successful Magic. When you want personal transformation and change in the material world, Candles can help affirm your intent, and represent it in the material world.

Lighting a candle is more than a symbolic act. Our candles are infused with properties that support manifestation in key ways: Healing, Positive Energy, and Attracting Abundance.

When you perform Candle Magic, visualize your intention successfully represented as a shift in your inner and outer worlds. See the movie of your life as you wish it to be, and send those images, along with as much positive emotion as you can build into the candle. As the candle burns, visualize the candle expanding out in all directions, energizing your environment, your thoughts, and the people you encounter.

Once the candle is finished (or you blow it out to continue another day), release the intention. Let go of any attachments to outcome, and allow the universe to deliver the best outcome for your higher self.

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Speaking of friends, Magic is more powerful in groups. The group Unify organizes meditations for world peace, and the Maharishi Effect along with other methods have demonstrated that when many minds combine intentions, those intentions are magnified by more than the number of people participating.

Gifting Magical Candles to friends can boost each of your results, and help you strengthen your tribe. Find someone who believes in you and supports your goals, and you can do the same, helping each other evolve your lives.

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I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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