We are one. One people, one civilization. We are linked together astrally, karmically – and at the highest levels, all other souls are reflections of you. The more you offer sincere honor and respect, the more you receive it in turn.

The current of life always flows. This current can carry you upstream or downstream as you evolve or devolve, progress or regress. You can paddle intentionally, or be carried unconsciously.

In this way, streams are frequencies. They are all continuums; there is always a potential for movement… and there is always a potential for stillness, resting at wherever you are, and seeing the perfection of the moment. Sometimes non-doing, simply being, is your best option – especially if you could use more rest in your life.

As above, so below. Reality is a mirror. At a certain point, you flow effortlessly upstream. The same is true in reverse. The point of paddling – of effort – is to get you, as consciousness, to a state where you effortlessly flow towards the river bank – towards the pole – that serve your highest self.

Of High and Low, Alpha and Omega, there are infinite reflections. For the specificity of day-to-day life, you can call these:

Love and Fear

Bliss and Pain

Abundance and Lack

Peace and Suffering

Angelic and Demonic

Selfless and Selfish

Freedom and Enslavement

Sometimes you’re on the “good” side of the river, the side that you want. Sometimes you feel stuck in a current of suffering, or “negativity,” and need to work hard to swim upstream.

Sometimes you may have been flowing away from the streams of peace, joy, and happiness, and just want to find your way back.




Every action carries you farther upstream or downstream. Every decision – including not to decide, which is to maintain the status quo – aligns you with a frequency.

If you feel farther from the stream of joy, you may need to receive help or paddle harder, exerting more effort to think joyful thoughts, create joyful experiences, and live in that state.

The more you align with a frequency; the efforts you take to build inertia will create an energy that gains its own momentum. Alignment to that frequency then becomes easier.

Have you ever been in a slump, and after enough time stewing, just decided to do whatever it took to get back on track? The river analogy can serve you well.

Have you ever noticed a vulnerability – to a bad habit, pattern or addiction – and realized you needed more support than your own actions and motivations to keep you on track?

In the river of life, you can always tie yourself to a tree with deep and stable roots. A good friend, an inspiring movie, a restorative place.

Now that you know that this world is more than the material, your options of streams and techniques can grow. You have always known that someday, it will get better. Choose now to take on the habits and practices that will make it better, and pause your experience with my book, Magic Is Real, to set a 5-minute timer and complete the following exercise.

I love you. I believe in you. I would love to meet you in Bali Spiritual Retreat.


We are one.

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