If you would die tomorrow, how would you view the choices that you have made in this moment?

How would you view the choices that you have made yesterday or last week, or last month or even last year?

How would you view the choices of how you treat other people, animals or your inner child, that which has been and always will be a part of your Whole Self?

Like all deep questions, these words will continue to echo in your mind in different circumstances and different settings, as it serve your spiritual evolution.

As these questions return, allow yourself to reflect.

Consider, evaluate, and choose.

Allow yourself to receive all that the universe has to offer. Allow your divine feminine to take in that which serves you, whatever the source. It can be from words, people, and circumstances.

Allow your future self, with respect and self-love, to support your current self. Here, now.

YOU are the bootstraps.

YOU are the savior.

YOU are the Messiah of your own life.

Do not seek from others what you know deep down is already inside you.

Live by the habits that empower you most.

Every teacher, speaker, and guru is just a projection of you…a projection to remind you of your true and eternal greatness. Discard your cravings, your feelings of “not enough” and lack, for those who do not show up in your life the way you think they should. Let go, and surrender to the world as it is.

Only then – only with full surrender and acceptance – can you be free.

As you become free of the emotional pull of your desires, you can begin to reframe them as reminders of the things that you already know. Reminders to act in ways you may have forgotten.

FORGIVE YOURSELF for not doing this in the past.

Forgive yourself for any time in the eternal now of what your mind calls the future… Forgive yourself of your humanity, and your incremental progress. Every “no” is a fraction of a “yes”.

Every “Failure” is one more element of the education of your “success”.

Every experience you have – and have ever had – is valuable.

Know this at a soul level. Know it at a causal level, the level of your karma. Remember how, as a soul making decisions before this incarnation began…remember these challenges you gave yourself, these gifts your ego call wounds.

Remember, and be free.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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