“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the wholestaircase.”


Expectation creates reality.

Expectation requires faith.

Expectation followed by a result other than what you expected shows you your attachments.

Opportunities to release attachments are a chance to become a fraction more freer, a fraction more enlightened, a fraction more magically powerful.

Managing Expectations

Sometimes, what you asked for or what you wished for will supersede an expectation. This is true at the highest esoteric levels and in basic legal contracts. If someone you consider trustworthy says that they will “Not torture you” and “Not kill you,” and some bizarre circumstance occurs where they must torture you for a bearable time in order to not kill you… logic clearly shows that the higher action, the superior outcome, mattered more than the specifics of any one element in the equation.

Such is the same in life. In any day, week, month or year, the “gift” of suffering may be the key that unlocks the door. You can always avoid a scary, unpleasant or undesirable key… but at some level, if you expected a door to have a certain type of key, you must wield it, and you must use it, in order to walk through.

The same is true with the quest for new keys. Is it possible? Is there a cost? Is there a road, significantly longer than the path already in front of you? Is there more mystery, and thus possibly more risk?

Let’s not get lost in philosophy. The answer, a simple sentence, would be easy to type, easy to share. How you find the best keys to the best door, the effort and cost, the time and the outcome… all of these are available to you at all times.

Rather than give you that sentence, I shall give you a series of experiences. Everything you encounter that I create, every chapter, every interaction. Quite possibly, moments in your life, the hand that is Unity existing, seen and unseen, behind certain events, certain circumstances.

A direct transmission of the “Mystery” in mystery schools. If the sentence comes to you intuitively, in your own words of truth and consistency, of stillness and effectiveness… Mazel Tov!

Until it does—and until it solidifies, you can still learn about faith. So here is the rest of the chapter, as much as you believe you need it.

Accepting the Gift of Faith

Accepting the Gift of Faith

I never thought “faith” would be part of my life. It always seemed like something ignorant people did. Faith was an activity, not a state of being.

Being. What was that, even?

My friend Tom, a lucky 23-year-old millionaire who made his fortune in robotics that optimized solar arrays, once said something so critical I wanted to tattoo it on my right wrist.

He said, “just be.”

Somehow, despite hearing that on a spiritual retreat, and Tom is not super spiritual… somehow knowing someone, respecting them… envying them… made their words stick more.

But being was something that was foreign to me. I don’t know why… Like a perpetual test I kept getting a “D” grade on, despite consistently taking and retaking it… in scenarios like this, you realize that you never learned how to study, never knew what to study.

So “Being faithful” was just as foreign a concept as “Being still.” I had no idea what it meant intellectually or was like experientially.

Accepting Trust

Fast forward in time. An old familiar, Boo (a delightful 26-foot tall Astral doggie represented in the body of an adorable stuffed animal), told me to start writing, until 9:45 pm, right around 9:14.

And it’s… it’s not foreign at all, trusting that part of myself that I personify as him (and also IS him, depending on the level of awareness).

Trust is something that’s also new. I remember buying The Courage to Trust, a book with the cover of two hands, one holding the other. One sleeve red, the other one gray. I remember really knowing I needed that book, and only being able to vaguely admit to myself that the reason why was because Trust was such a foreign concept.

The betrayal from a past life that contributed to this is a topic for another story. Suffice to say, the fact I can trust an inner/intuitive voice now, and have faith that the guidance was legit and the actions have merit… is pretty awesome!

Our Minds vs. Souls

Inner Miracles

Our minds aren’t made to take us all the way to the Infinite.

They exist to take us about three-quarters of the way there. Most of us aren’t aware of our minds as individual entities (programs?)—but when you begin to meditate deeply and consistently, and fully feel yourself as The Witness, you embody the truth that you are not your thoughts.

And recognizing this, that your thoughts come from somewhere and that You exist independently… that leads to, if you keep exploring, the realization that you are a soul.

This process continues in the same fractalkine way. Just as a lower awareness of “I am the mind” is “I am the body”, the higher awareness of “I am the soul” is also just a stepping stone. “I am part of the Oversoul” and “I am the Oversoul” and “I am divine in a collective of beings who are also divine” to eventually the flash of awareness that “I am God”—very few of us truly get there, in an embodied way.

Inner Miracles

Touching that—touching true Unity—is when Miracles happen. At that moment of unification, there is no time or space or separation. Miracles simply “Are.”

Yet to perceive them, the unfolding of the event where rain falls at your command, or the wound heals, or the plant grows at rapid speed, you have to view from time and thus are farther from

Unity, the observer and no longer the doer, and the object itself.

Shifting from Soul to God

So how to shift from thought and mind to soul, and how to shift from Soul to God?

I could tell you… but before we go further… do you trust me?

Do you trust this experience?

You know your answer because it existed at a subtle level. If you could feel that answer and it was “Yes,” then there you are. A signpost of intuition, of awareness of knowledge beyond thought.

A breadcrumb, an arrow, towards your own God/Self-realization.

Obstacles on Shifting to God

If “no”, then likely you either had confusion, or stopped to think, and made a decision. If this is the case…

Where did you lose it, and how do you rebuild it?

An event in this life, when you were young, related to your parents or primary caregivers?

Something traumatic, that affected how you saw the world?

Or it could be something from a close friend or teacher – some powerful experience where trust was broken, and you never fully recovered?

This is a book of instruction and transmutation… it is not a book, explicitly about healing. If you want to heal so you can truly, deeply, fully Trust again, I recommend the books Codependent No More by Melody Beattie, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, and The Law of Attraction by Hicks, along with other methods you feel deep down will work, and will repair this aspect of you, related to your Second Chakra.

If you have access to an excellent somatic therapist, consider looking into attachment theory, and how to restore secure attachment.

Sometimes, if the wound is great, the idea of trust can evoke great fear.

What is Faith?

What is Faith

Because the gift of faith requires trust in the divine, and faith, as it is applied to Magic, is required to manifest, and fear is a powerful gravity force, you may wish to consider this topic extremely thoroughly.

This is an initiation into radical honesty and self-awareness.

Faith is not stupidity, nor is it ignorance or delusion, hope or belief.

Stepping off a cliff because you want to fly is not faith, no matter how much you use the word. Faith is the blurry bridge between Belief and Knowledge, both of which are above Hope.

Faith is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more you understand it. The stronger and easier it becomes, and the more often and more accurately it works.

Faith is that thing you felt when you read the first part of this chapter, of inferior quality to the writing here, and maintained your focus, read without abnormal interruption, because you knew without physical validation (the validation was psychic) that the chapter would get better.

Everything. Is. Intentional.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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