Faith is more like sub-knowledge, a certainty of something before it is in your material experience. Faith is built slowly when we act in little ways that have no logical reason for turning out in a surprisingly positive fashion. When we take what to others may be perceived as a risk, but to us, if done with sincerity and gratitude, are investments that get paid back with interest. The more we invest, the greater the return.

So what’s the difference between walking off the cliff and levitating, versus falling to our deaths?

What is Faith?

Sometimes our faith in the spiritual reality rises as a surprise gift.

One day in Italy, I attended Damanhur’s Festival of the Dead. I knew somehow that there would be at least one occurrence of overt Magic. Since I had never been to this event since Magic (wow, a super loud spontaneous noise just as I wrote that word! Yay synchronistic signpost!)—since Magic is often unpredictable.

This is the key Esther Hicks alluded to, the key to how the Law of Attraction works. Jerry, her husband, asked, “How can you get in a state of knowing something before you see physical proof?”

She said, “It’s just something you’ll have to figure out.”

Because even though I can tell you about the gust of wind that shook branches on all the nearby trees during the part of the ceremony when the names of the dead (Including Falco, Damanhur’s founder) were spoken, the trees were still the entire time before and after (a span of almost three hours)—to me, this was Magic enough. I didn’t need flying translucent spirits or beams of light streaking down from the heavens.

Experiencing Faith

I also noticed the sky that night.

Despite having a healing surgical wound that made it painful to walk, despite being cold, despite the tail end of a rather intense fast. None of these things bothered me. I was calm and content, looking forward to and grateful for the physically visible Magic that occurred.

And the fact it occurred with hundreds of people around, all who witnessed and pointed and smiled… Validation!

Experiencing Faith

It’s experiences like these that can build your faith. A purist of some traditions might say we don’t need these experiences, and a fundamentalist of others might call them distraction… but I say Magic is the natural phenomena of divine embodiment.

It’s God winking at you.

And Magic occurs more strongly from not wanting or needing the payoff, lest you strengthen egoic attachments that take you farther down the continuum of enlightenment.

Faith need not be absolute to “work” I didn’t demonstrate mastery; I wanted Magic, and I got it. If I was able to detach more fully… Maybe I would have seen the lights and spirits more strongly.

Just like a filter in channeling… what we can experience is often related to how much “we” as an ego can let go and get out of the way…

Of all the times when I chanted mantras to Lakshmi, the days when the most spiritual/financial returns on investment came were when I really put my soul into it… when I was really, truly devoted. Ten minutes of completely devoted effort, as opposed to multi-tasking and saying mantras while doing laundry or walking Arrow, our cute part German Shepherd, part Wolf doggie.

How to Build Faith

How to Build Faith

Grow the muscle. Re-read this chapter, investing your essence and focus and concentration. Have faith you will get some valuable benefit from this activity that you otherwise wouldn’t have received.

If the deepest, most evolving and revelatory text fell into your lap at the hands of a dirty, smelly stranger covered in rags… would you give that text the same attention as if the Dalai Lama came into the room, looked you deeply into your eyes, and handed you the papers, saying “This is especially relevant for you?”

Sometimes, what we receive is what we are able to receive.

Sometimes, all that really matters is the one sentence that sticks in our minds, and all the rest is filler.

Expecting a poetic, philosophical chapter on faith in order to help you grow your faith is like expecting your muscles to grow bigger before they lift the weights.

Sometimes, the change needs to happen inside you.

Sometimes, you just have to be willing.

Sometimes, diamonds really are in the ruff.

You decide… or you already know.

Feel, as your faith is honored and grows, the possibility for real Magic to occur immediately, to your benefit and your awakening. Do so now. Look deep into your core. What is there? What do you feel you need? Can you let that, too, go?

Congratulations, for the effort you did invest. Even seriously considering my offer for a fraction of a second was a demonstration of your innate faith.

You can only go up from here.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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