See every being as a soul. The personalities we wear, the bodies and minds that serve us for a few short years of each incarnation—they are not the true, the complete, us.

You are not your name, your face, your identity, your past. You are an immortal soul, and so is everyone else on this planet.

You Know Magic is Real

The conviction that brought you to these pages, the deep knowing that Magic is Real… is not just about flying on broomsticks or teleporting. It’s not about shooting sparks out of a wand, getting special powers, seeing into the future, becoming a psychic warrior.

While you may experience some (or perhaps all) of those in this lifetime, what is infinitely more important is your connection to the divine—and the divine in you—which is the basis for all power.

You Know Magic is Real

What did hearing those words make you feel?

Frustration at hearing a repeated concept?

Noticing your intentions have changed?

Gratitude or surrender? Resignation?


Quiet, peaceful stillness?


Are you feeling annoyed?

What is an annoyance?

The opportunity.

To know.


And in patience.

Knowing yourself.

Loving yourself.

At any moment, at any time

And holding the trust.

That deep down, everything is, and will be, okay.



Through the ages, minutes, seconds and moments of your decisions to judge or not to judge, in each of these moments you have the option of ascending a little bit more.

As with ascension, there is also descension. You are on the river of life, and the river is always flowing.

Some egos are higher than others. Until you transcend the Halls of Amenti as Thoth did in the Emerald Tablets—until you have truly escaped the karmic cycles of death and rebirth—you exist within the flow of current.

Your egos are the rocks that can scrape you as you slip downstream, and the debris you must swim around to move up.

They are the trees you can grab onto to hold yourself still, and they are the need to paddle and the reluctance to paddle.

If you ever get tired, if paddling gets cumbersome… ask for beings of light and love to help. Ask those of service to do what they do.

And you may find,

That someone,

Throws you a rope.

Do you love yourself, regardless of where you are on the river?

Do you love others, whether you perceive them to be a rock or a tree?

Can you love the rivers, everywhere they have brought you, and everywhere they lead to, no matter the distance?

Maintenance and Awareness

Maintenance and Awareness

If you can maintain the knowing that you are a soul, a being above all rivers and all rocks, a being who has taken on and discarded thousands of egos through the ages… then your attachment to any one of them, your desires for it to be stronger or weaker, more or less in the spotlight of your life… your attachments will lessen.

And when this happens, when your awareness rises above the mortal existence of a single life and identity… then… loving becomes easier.

Can you be there now?

Can you shift?

Try it. Practice.

It will become easier.

With every intentional effort, with every effortless shift, with each extra second, you spend loving all that is in your awareness.

It becomes

More and more


I love you.

Do you feel it?



Embody… The frequency… That is unconditional love.

I love you.

You. Are. Enough


And be

At peace.

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