In clinical, Western psychology, the ego silencing exercise could be seen as one to identify Multiple Personality Disorder. Jettison all fear of that concept now. MPD is a rare condition where certain Egos are extremely developed, and your overriding Self—your primary Awareness— lacks sufficient will to integrate the unique components.

MPD is also on the extreme pole of a continuum. The opposite pole of that continuum is full and complete unity—the integrated self. It is the self that is and feels whole, even though he expresses himself differently to a lover than to his grandmother.

It is the self that is a soul embodied, being aware of and celebrating multifaceted aspects of oneself. This is a state of transcendence from where many of us live, which is a state of trying to control separate personality elements that compete for attention.

If you want to fully integrate a component (or, as mentioned earlier, notice if it’s an entity or energy that does not belong in your system), ask where it came from, what it wants or if it wants to be part of you. Also, if it wants to harmonize with you, or completely dominate and take control.

Give it a body (or see the body it already has) in your imagination. Talk with it, give it a name. Run it by a mentor, ideally an embodied one.

Below are exercises for Ego Death and Ego Integration

Ego Death Exercise

Ego Integration Exercise

Write out a short story about your life, but as if that ego were fully gone and not present.

How would you think? Feel? Act?

What would your inner environment be?

How would you treat yourself, and others?

Ego Integration Exercise

Repeat the above, as if you completely integrated that element of yourself. Narrate your life story once you have fully accepted this ego, loved it, and allowed it to be fully expressed in safe and healthy ways.

In this story, all of the inhibitions you have felt are removed. All the permission slips are granted. Experiment with fantasy or science fiction elements if this helps; this is a story, not a plan. This exercise is also private; be fully and completely honest with yourself.

How do you feel?

What do you feel called to do?

The more you realize from your own experience that you are the awareness which transcends all ego, the more freedom you have to live a life without limits.

And with this practice comes fewer on your Magical expression.

The above exercises can be supported by genuine Near-Death Experiences, moments of transcendent consciousness, truly mystical experiences, sensory deprivation tanks, and structured, safe and integrated psychedelic journey.

Ego Integration

For legal reasons, we can’t recommend these journeys, though we have heard of some well-funded, professionally operated, spiritually aligned, well-staffed, scientifically transparent and successful retreat centers in Costa Rica and elsewhere…

We read for inspiration, we practice for progress.

Do you want to practice as you have read, or listened?

Did you do all of the above exercises?

Did you tune into your intuition to see how many egos you would be best served performing these exercises with?

Have you scheduled time—and internally committed to this time—to finish?

If so, I am here for you every step of the way.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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