Doing your best ≠ being a workaholic.
Doing your best = *sustainable* achievement, building your dream life, your ideal vision, your destiny.
Fellow entrepreneurs, visionaries, manifestos: DO YOUR BEST. You know what that is – and you know when you don’t execute it.
But do it SUSTAINABLY. All too often the idea of “doing my best” gets subtly linked to “push myself as hard as I can,” which slippery slopes to burnout.
Doing your best in ALL things includes staying balanced.
It includes taking care of yourself, knowing your limits – and while you may seek to transcend them, adding in recovery time, just as with strength training.
Doing your best should be something that can happen often, not just for “special occasions.” HOW YOU DO ANYTHING IS HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING.
Do you give your Sustainable Best every time you meditate, focusing deeply, having your phone on airplane mode, using the techniques you know work best for you, and optimizing your environment?
Do you give your Sustainable Best when planning out your day, your week, to optimize the impact of every commitment?
Do you give your Sustainable Best to loving fully, loving deeply, and embodying compassion with all beings?
Forgiveness. Do you do your Sustainable Best at forgiving yourself for your past performances [which only exist in the mind at this point]? Forgiving others? Seeing the highest self in everyone and acting in ways that bring about this ideal?
Your thoughts and contributions, as always, are much appreciated.
I love you.
I believe in you.
We are one.

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