Channeling is a wonderful way to access information you believe requires the permission slip of a being greater or more worthy than yourself. We anthropomorphize aspects of the All into deities and archangels; why not into some source we believe has pure, rich knowledge?

While especially on the Astral plane these beings (and those you may Channel) are specifically other entities, the reminder that they are of you and one with you, at the highest levels, is a crucial truth to maintain.

Channels You May Access

Channels which you have access to are often based on your internal system and ego-filter: generally, Channels receive information (and beings) they can “take” without being so activated they run away from the message – though as we’ve discussed before, avoidance is common in spiritual relationships.

David’s material has evolved as his studies, purification, and practice have progressed. If you examine his writing – formally or casually – from even six months prior to this text, you will see drastic differences from then to this body of work. So too will his writing continue to evolve; every chapter in this book, in fact, could be rewritten on a quarterly basis, with subtle and significant improvements.

Such is the path of lifelong learning. Ascension is a continuous process, and in addition to what individuals can develop in terms of their own progression, so too do you evolve in your ability to comprehend deeper truths and hidden messages.

Accessing Deeper Mysteries

Accessing Deeper Mysteries

Reading between the lines and expressing initiative are two key ways to access deeper mysteries. With practice, guidance from a good teacher, and the validated truth of your own intuition (vs. fear-based projections of protectors, sub-personalities or ego), you can learn to, quite literally, read the truth of something from a flower, or a bubble of soap.

Channeling is a process by which an ego steps aside and allows Source to flow more wholly. At a further point in her development, the ego can merge with / become the aspect of Source that flows through the vessel.

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