If you have conflict with anyone, pray for their happiness for 30 days.
At the end of that, either they’ll be happier or you won’t care.

Marianne Williamson

Channeling is, at its most basic definition, when a spirit, ascended master, divinity, or consciousness free to act outside of a body speaks through your physical body to communicate.

Channeling can be:

  • Written (Automatic writing)
  • Hands (Ouija board)
  • Full body (Ecstatic dance)
  • Verbal (Most common, spoken and song; look up Paul Selig, Jane Roberts and Esther Hicks for modern channels)
  • Artistic (Flow with a knowing of what color or shape comes next)
  • Kinesthetic (Kriyas or spontaneous yoga postures when experiencing a Kundalini Awakening)

What is Channeling?

What is Channeling

Channeling doesn’t have to be a big formal event, but it can be. Highly trained monks practice for years to be able to clearly relay messages from higher realms.

Introspection can appear as channeling when we personify an aspect of our subconscious, giving it a name, voice and form.

For simplicity, channeling here refers to connecting with other consciousnesses, sovereign beings, and allowing them to speak through you.

Receiving the Message

Just as you would want to verify the source of an important message regarding health or major life decisions, it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure you are safely, effectively and accurately relaying the message from the source you claim.

Many people claim to channel Archangel Michael. Some are, and others are using a glorified name for their own beliefs, choosing the empowerment of a mask over standing in their truth.

When we discussed Ego Filters, we examined the levels of accuracy of a transmitted message. A mentally and emotionally mature mind, with minimal egoic attachments, will be open to questioning and verification work. Given the importance of many channeled messages, this type of spiritual fact checking can be essential, especially for major life decisions.

Preparing for Channeling

Preparing for Channeling

Untrained novices may attempt channeling without preparation or protection, and allow in “whatever comes forth,” sometimes with great risk.

This is one of the reasons Ouija boards have such a bad rap. Aside from the potential of your friends messing with you, Ouija boards (and similar tools), if used without sincere dedication and intention – and especially without protective rituals, prayers and crystals – can let entities in the Astral world that you otherwise wouldn’t invite over to dinner.

Think of drinking water from a random river. Are you drinking the purest, clearest water, fresh from a mountain spring? Or are you drinking water full of harmful bacteria, pollutants and parasites?

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