Try this channeling exercise now. Pick someone who you think highly of, feel you know about well, can hear their voice inside your head. If nobody comes to mind, consider:

  • Jesus
  • Oprah
  • Iron Man
  • Dr Martin Luther King
  • Bruce Lee
  • Mother Teresa
  • A school bus driver
  • A burger chef
  • A dog
  • A cat
  • Your favorite teacher

Or any other type of being that feels out of practice with your day to day awareness. Say your protections, request your blessings and support, and for 3-5 minutes, simply be that being.

How does it feel?

What does this channeling practice feel like? Do it just like any exercise. Can you get to saying “I am a Cat?” Do the words come out as words or a meow?

Can you channel a “good” person and an “evil” person back to back, just to get the feel of their souls? Can you see, at your deepest, most neutral, most aligned place, that their soul is part fo your soul?

Does this make you feel compassion? Understanding? Curiosity?

Practice this now.

Building the Skill

Building the Skill

If you wish to build the skill, schedule a daily practice of at least 20 minutes, composed of:

  • 5 minutes of warmup box breathing meditation
  • 5 minutes of channeling practice: being #1
  • 5 minutes of channeling practice: being #2
  • 5 minutes of reflection

After 30 days of this, the practice will feel natural, more fluid. You can pick the same beings multiple times to develop a deeper familiarity, and different categories of beings (passionate, funny, inspirational, creative) who hold qualities you want to enrich in yourself.

By embodying these beings and qualities, you add complexity to your core self. You see the reflections of you embodied in beings who shine brightly in those areas, and see, feel and live those qualities to such a degree that your nervous system remembers the template.

The nice thing about calling these other beings by their mortal names is you separate the being from the quality. You can channel 3 leaders or 20, and ultimately feel the vibration of leadership in sufficient variety that you can take it on to your own life, and not confuse your identity – as can happen when, say, we have only one role model, and over-identify, perhaps merge, with them.


As much as you may feel you’re the reincarnation of someone, or a sister soul, twin flame, or other close relation, you are you, completely unique and distinct.

Practicing the embodiment of a variety of energies helps you see how personalities are constructions, yet the building blocks of personalities, the qualities common throughout humanity are independent from those qualities expression.


Gandhi was a different type of leader than MLK.

The Hulk is a different type of warrior than Spider-Man.

Bellatrix Lestrange is a different type of witch than Hermione Granger.

Lakshmi is a different type of Goddess than Athena.

What is the essence of leadership? How can it be expressed differently, based on personality?

How about warriorship, witchcraft, or divinity?

Channeling Exercise: Conclusion

In seeing the separation, eventually, you see the elements of expression. The tones of voice, the levels of conviction. The body language, the vocabulary, the appearance of the eyes.

And in this practice, studying the letters that make up the words, you find the basic building blocks, the periodic table, of persona.

This lets you discover, create and become the truest, highest, most aligned Avatar of you.

This is just one of many channeling exercises you’ll find in my new book. Meanwhile, review the wisdom shared with you in the first “Magic is Real” book.

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