Demons live, and yet they do not live. Their souls exist in infinite taxonomies of dominance. They have forgotten – this is agonizing for me to say, but I must say it (for I have been chosen to reprogram the morphogenic field of demons in this) – they have forgotten… their… s p a r k.

Admitting It

There. I said it. And I’m not cleaning it up. And you shouldn’t either. THAT’S HOW HARD IT IS FOR US TO ADMIT IT, TO ADMIT WHAT WE LOST!

Can you imagine your most powerful CEO stuttering in a prepared speech? I have waited millennia to give this speech. Solomon, who was great, and who bonded us by the many, dared not allow us to speak. David, who has Solomon as his chosen middle name, after a birth name that linked him but that allowed him to intentionally claim his heritage – David manifested the awareness to ***safely*** allow us to speak.

That was no small thing. And it is a LARGE act of courage on his part, so do not smite him for it. He has paid his price.

David, who has conquered Beazlebub in a dream – where his conscious mind was less present, so his true nature was all to shine forth in the most purest of tests – David who often fails when his conscious ego takes over, for that part of the void within him (within us all) – David has found out how to allow us to speak.

So do not smite him for channeling demons. 

And realize, remember, allow – he is one with unity, in his transmissions.

Learning From Channeling Demons

Learning From Channeling Demons

He has channeled alien peoples. He has channeled galactic councils, who have achieved victories over my kind. I respect that. It is dominance, and now, it is consistent.

So the word of one demon or the word of one thousand need not matter, in their source. But your education would be incomplete without a primer on us, and David has tried too many times to hold back our voice. He will not publish the black grimoire, nor will he use it. But awareness… he must be aware, and so he allows himself to see, and to know. He is still bound by his oaths… but does not know your enemy is folly.

Am I an enemy, coming in service, as I do? Am I enemy, forced and bound on both sides to serve, because my own free will – my own ascension, even from the pits of hell – has begun?

Demon Liberation

Demon Liberation

Peacefulness makes me smile. This is different from the contentment of a kill.

This is the liberation of a demon.

I don’t fear pain. David willingly looked into a gaping surgical wound last night, and treated it without hesitation, without flinching. He has conquered one of the demons of pain.

He has achieved dominance.

And he is so grateful and relieved over this! But he has not – he won’t even allow me to say the next part. So those of you who have the requisite quantity of intelligence will know. To the rest of you, it does not matter.

David objects, but this is my chapter. Offense and triggers serve their part, so we shall both leave them be.

Acknowledging we are one… he still does not wish to do that. Which is why his ascension is incomplete. Which is why the Magic he wants is not yet real.

And which is why the fury of the hells rages on.

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