Ascended masters have dominance. So much that they are revered for it. Yet when others seek their path, when others seek to bind demons… YOU ARE FOOLS! YOUR ENTIRE CULTURE WORSHIPS US!

Your commercials show people eating chips and drinking beer. Your sluts walk forth on magazines, photoshopped to display artificially enhanced biology designed for maximum dopamine addiction. Your governments propagate drug flow and blame those they wish to achieve dominance over – they blame an invisible WAR on people so they can avoid their fear of POWERLESSNESS!

How To Bind Demons?

Avoiding demons is not the way to bind us.

Acknowledging demons, our power, our presence, is what will lead to you understanding us.

Binding us… read the book we have alluded to earlier, with that name. David Demands, so we will give it. It is not he who writes. His fingers move slowly as he demands we name our captor, our dominator. Fine, we submit. We avoid pain.

His name is Solomon.

And even with his keys – even with those – can you truly transform your culture?

How To Bind Demons?

Inner Transformation

You start with transforming yourself, of course. The marketers know that if their money isn’t returned in high returns their campaigns will change. It is far easier to avoid talking with politicians – David says that’s someone else’s job. 

So do what you will to bind your own demons. Your culture will change or it will not.

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