Patience is allowing life to take its course. Are you more aligned with fire and wind elemental energies or the slower, richer vibrations of water? Are you where you need to be?

Do you want things immediately, your mind operating at dopamine-altered speeds?

Many mobile apps, frequent porn use, high caffeine consumption, attachments to constant and rapid responses to communication, and mostly anything related to the shortening attention span of our modern digital world can degrade the natural sense of patience that you were born with.

Connecting With Nature

Spending time in the ocean, connecting with the earth, and generally learning to be at peace with the slower pace of the rhythms of natural biological systems can all help restore your patience.

As your patience grows, so too does your appreciation of life.

Often, impatience comes from a grasping, a hunger, to have something now. While the Dance of Dopamine can explain impatience in the third dimension. In the fourth dimension, impatience is related to the ego’s fear of not being satisfied, based on a deeper fear of not being good enough, not having enough, and ultimately a fear of death.

Patience Exercise

Patience Exercise

A quick exercise to help you see any resistance in your own system to patience is to pause experiencing the book, Magic Is Real, and look inward to see if any of the above fears exist in your system.

You could also meet or phone with someone who talks at slower speeds than you. Many elderly citizens—especially in retirement communities—operate more slowly than the “average” working citizen.

Volunteer and be of service. Even though your intentions may be based partially (if not entirely) on an end goal of personal growth by cultivating your patience, you will be creating good karma in the world and will find a relaxed, reliable environment where you can build this skill.

If we wish to restore balance to our communities, connecting intergenerationally is one very rich way to restore our humanity.

Elders almost always have something to teach us, and even if we know (or think we know) more intellectual information, the simple experience of practicing patience is so richly valuable that it is a goal worthy in itself.

(Of course, showing respect and gratitude for those who built our world is also nice, as is doing a good deed for good deed’s sake.)

Finding Guidance

Finding Guidance

When facing your own impatience and noticing the fears that lurk beneath, ask your guides where those fears come from.

Relax and allow the messages to flow, without being attached to where what, or how those fears arose. Remember to trust.

Don’t try to force techniques or resolutions. Simply witness, and trust that what you need will be revealed in time.

This will help you see how willing your system is to practicing patience both in the short and long term.

Remember, you are exactly where you need to be.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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