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There’s a lot of math when you, as awareness, not the mind, not the body, but you, as awareness; shift your perspective really fully to something other than your immediate physical surroundings. You can call that “astral projections” and you can get very accurate with it.

And you can also call it “remote viewing” in certain systems and when you’re accurate with it you can see things accurately that may not be right in front of you in this time-space reality that you’re in.

So a purpose of something, like this, or colors or things to remind you and the value of all the past life stuff and what we’re about to get into is to really become whole.

Ask Yourself

Who are we and how is that useful, how does that play into magic and the last thing is what’s the everyday practical value of all the stuff? Is it just philosophy? No. Is it wishful thinking? No. It has actual practical value in affecting our lives and the day-to-day and it’s very heavy.

Ask Yourself

So our physical reality is what is in front of us and that is limited to the three-dimensional reality that we experience here and what we are describing right now is, we’re describing something… Things that exist outside of our perceptions of light reflecting off of objects and us perceiving it smelling and tasting it etc. So astral projection can then be summed up by saying, that it’s just removing your thoughts from your skull into other areas.

That’s a component of it. We have all these dimensions overlapping and without getting into all of them, we have the 3D world like time, space, matter, materialism. Stuff we pretty much understand and we’re using science to understand it and control it more and more. But we pretty much have an understanding of time and space.

What is Astral?

What is Astral

What astral is, as you can say astral energetic, I use the term in my system and that’s fourth-dimensional stuff in my system. So in the third dimension, to travel, you welcome. It has the room, you get in a car, you get in a plane.

What does it mean, as your astral body, as your soul, psychic stuff? What does it mean to move or shift? Well, it’s not the same time-space map. You can have a lot of overlapping energies between my hands, “astrally”. There can be energies of fire, electricity, magnetism, earth there could be dinosaur poop 65 million years ago in the same space-time chunk right in this little pocket.

So when you do astral travel, astral projection, you’re taking your awareness and you’re moving it elsewhere, and so that elsewhere, you have two ways of looking at it. You have the astral and you have the physical. And you can unlock a lot of doors once you realize, stepping above the third dimension: you can access all of it in all of time and space with the right training and practice and validation, which is really key to show the difference between a delusion and an actual perception.

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