What would be the astral explanation for the removal of the pain from your arm? The Astro explanation is that the astral energy world mirrors the physical one. So there is part of my soul embodied and spirited, inspired.

There’s part of my soul in my wrist and because we’re holographic and souls are infinite shapes, we’re all one and if you go up dimension, high enough, this television is just as much of a soul as you or me or our hands or these chairs but. So the part of what I believed was my soul or the soul that, the awareness was causing to focus here with some trapped trauma. Something that I was avoiding and so by really seeing that, I’m feeling that and processing that.



The draw for attention, the pain left and so it has a couple different meanings. One meaning is, we can heal our bodies through healing our spirits, as the ancient one said to Doctor Strange in that excellent movie. And the other one is really looking at all this stuff is tools for enlightenment and a very practical, very, very clinical way of defining enlightenment.

It’s just, you don’t really have a DE-tab, you don’t really have attachments. You don’t feel gripping compulsions and emotions don’t really lock. Now I think enlightenment is a continuum. I think there’s a lot to be said about it that is not an exhaustive definition but looking at that, we could say that doing that experience can take you to, you know, point zero eight two percent more enlightened. You know, further for one.

So we can summarize by saying we’re channeling our energy and our awareness to a part of our body to focus on it to heal it. I would use the term directing because in a lot of systems channeling as a specific meaning.

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