“What is known on our earth as magnetism and electricity is a manifestation of the tetrapolar magnet; we also know that by arbitrarily reversing the polarity we can produce electricity from magnetism and by mechanical means, we can again obtain magnetism from electricity.

The transformation of one power into another is an Alchemical or Magical procedure which, in the course of time, became so common that it was no longer considered to be Alchemy or Magic but was attributed to physics.”

Franz Bardone

As a Magician, you cast SPELLS: Super Powerful Energy Liberations + Living Systems. That’s Cute Code for “We choose our own meaning of life for all things, so let’s use a fun word that can be synonymous with Prayer, Transmutation, Intention, Magical Action, Manifestation, and Realization.”

Magic may feel both reverent and irreverent. By playing with language, we make it more accessible, and free ourselves from the constructs of “It must be this way.”

What is Reverence?

When talking with a divine being, you could prostrate yourself and talk in formal honorifics of a traditional dialect. You could also just say “Hey Krishna, I so appreciate you. Can you please help me with something?”

Just as with a close friend, intent matters most.

So while I revere, respect and admire Jesus, calling him my friend does nothing to detract from his majesty. Same with Lakshmi, Athena, Apollo, Ganesh and other beings I work with. If anything, casual language makes the relationship more real.

Yes, reverence has an effect. But so too does sincerity.

Reverence is one of the most powerful ways to honor another being, and thus allow them to honor you, likely by providing the support you need.

Yet if you aren’t used to communicating with—or even acknowledging—higher dimensional beings, your greatest expression of reverence may simply be “hello.”

Expression of Reverance

Allow your devotion to grow naturally. Don’t force it, or it will feel fake. We don’t believe things that are fake, and since belief is a prerequisite to expectation, you must believe in these beings in order for them to help you. This choice of freedom of language is also a higher form of respect. In acknowledging higher beings we relax around them and allow ourselves to truly develop a relationship, communicating with rather than talking at.

Beings of higher intelligence can understand more complex language. Beings of higher spiritual ability can more clearly read your thoughts and intents, with your permission. Beings of higher love can understand, love and forgive with the much more effortless flow than what the average human allows himself to express.

Given this, don’t wait to communicate with higher beings.

Don’t make yourself jump through hoops of cleansing, purification, or worthiness. These actions, along with especially sincere praise, can strengthen a relationship so long as they are genuine and filled with positive emotion.

If you feel obligated to take a ritual bath, atone for a past action in exhaustive ways, or fulfill any other prerequisite that drives you from building a relationship with your divine family… consider just chilling out.

A best friend or close family member who loves and accepts you unconditionally probably won’t require these things for a sincere conversation. If you want that type of bond with spiritual mentors, allow yourself to view them as beings that have the same capacity to be close to you, so you can be close to them.

Everyday Connection

In Unity, All is One. Rising above all concepts of masters, angels and goddesses for a moment, remember that your ability to sincerely and genuinely connect is your ability to be with yourself.

Like the universe, Your Wish is Your Command.

So consider letting go of all the conditions for your wishes to be granted. If that’s too much to accept, let go of some conditions.

If it’s a busy day and you’re just remembering to ask Thoth for Magical help before bed, go for it!

Reverence and manifestation

If you’re rushing into a negotiation and want to embody more loving kindness, and want to ask Jesus for help, but feel too embarrassed because you’re on the toilet and pausing for a minute of sincere connection would literally make you anxious, don’t wait! These beings—these aspects of you—are of the highest maturity. And come on, why should we let a little poop get in the way of forgiveness.

Devotion for Growth

Regardless of where your practice starts, consider always leveling it up. If you want to be an Olympian at Magic, and want to have a rich, sincere connection with the divine, then one day it might make sense to offer a deep ritual, with a full purification practice, colored robes, sacred objects, and dedications. Plenty of Magicians around the world operate under those conditions—and plenty of them don’t. Whatever you sincerely feel programs the field and shifts you internally is what you should gravitate towards.

And with all seriousness, take that extra minute. Clean up, get quiet, put your hands together, and fully devote yourself to God.

Allow her to see you, to feel you, to know you. Open your heart and your mind and pour forth all of your fears, offering them to her to transmute and cleanse.

See the Supreme, the Mighty, the Creator, as a being who truly cares for you. Ask for what you want, and trust in his wisdom to give you what you need.

And then, at the end of your prayer, your divine Spell and true moment of connection, let it go.

Allow whatever will happen to happen, and appreciate the miracle of being alive.

You’ve done enough.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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