This Magical Physics article is an exclusive sneak peek to my newest book about magic. Stay tuned for updates about the publishing date and be one of the first ones to receive a pass to the world of magic.

The rest of this chapter will deal with components related to understanding and accessing unlimited power.

I would like you to understand that this chapter’s complexity is intentionally increased. This will ensure that certain mysteries are only accessible to those who have a higher degree of patience, and who have learned how to raise their intellect to a certain threshold (you are unlimited in this respect, regardless of your past experiences or the comments of others).

Process of Learning Power

So much of Magic is Real is dedicated to teaching Power – helping you recognize, reclaim and reinstate it – that this chapter, focusing specifically by name, will focus on specific elements of Power that are best placed in a “Specialty” format.

Like Organic Chemistry for med students, this chapter is a bit of a feeder, a bit of a filter. You may or may not choose to use the exercises and thought experiments in this chapter in your Magical Studies or Practical Applications. 

Process of Learning Power

When you can fully grasp all of the ideas of this chapter, you will be sufficiently trained to access and understand higher levels of power – including the massive ripple effects that can occur throughout the world.

This is done by understanding the backbone of power, which is explained below. 

What Is Waiting Ahead

Keep in mind this is an inexhaustive map; there are other maps for Power, which we share in other formats, and still others which we only share when in direct contact with students, to honor certain safeguards.

When you master this map, the others (learned through David Solomon or through any “other” being) will come more swiftly. 

“Make hard normal, and normal becomes easy.”

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