In my book, Magic Is Real, I teach directly and indirectly how to access the state of unity consciousness where miracles, reality creation, and flashy magic can occur. Some say that Flashy Magic isn’t necessary or important…you know in your own heart what you need to keep you on an inspired path. You know which conditions your mind believes that must be met before it surrenders the old material-reductionist view and evolves.

With each phenomenon–every time our intention affects the world in undeniable ways–our ego-mind surrenders, just a little bit more. It remembers, in those moments, that it is merely a caretaker, a steward.

At some point when those conditions are met, we start to answer some of the greater questions of consciousness. What is enlightenment? What freedoms arise from it? How can it be experienced?

Enlightenment is a continuum. You are always on it, ascending or descending. There are also moments of Awakening that when crossed, stay with you forever.

Some of us seek liberation in caves, some through service and some through study.

If you have chosen to be of service, to take the product of your spiritual evolution—yourself—and not live in a cave, isolated from the mainstream world… if you have chosen to be part of human civilization, to experience it, to better it, then Magic is one of your greatest assets.

Some practical values of Magic include:

  • The rapid and instant healing of wounds;
  • The benefits of clairvoyance and psychic abilities;
  • The freedom to experience any emotion at any intensity, at any time (or none at all);
  • The ability to receive knowledge from sources beyond the ego-mind;
  • The art of Manifestation, and how to accelerate it.

And if you are one of these people, the liberation of enlightenment is just another stepping stone. Unity Consciousness, the state of knowing yourself as one with all things, is the foundation for making shifts in yourself – and thus seeing them as shifts in the “outside” material world.

One of the purposes of the book, Magic Is Real, is to facilitate those moments, to activate you and give you the shift you have been waiting for. Drafts of this book have given many readers goose bumps.

Your state of awareness determines how quickly you can change reality. The deep embodied knowledge that you create your experience, and have the option to change it in unlimited ways.

While many enlightened teachers say that everything exists in divine perfection and nothing need be done, if you have chosen to live a life of activity, of service, of improving the world as you know you can…then you know you have chosen a life of action, at least for now.

Unity Consciousness is always available for you to access. The highest masters reside there, and simultaneously in the world of separation, of duality. Just like it takes a high level of athletic prowess to know the subtleties in a 9.8 VS 10.0 olympic performance, your ability to see someone as a true master may depend on your perspective.

As your awareness expands, you will be able to see more, experience more, and do more. Even if you believe unity consciousness to be a mere philosophy, the manifestation of miracles, siddhis and flashy Magic can be validation that these higher states exist, and are the highest, most purest, and often safest, states of consciousness from which to operate.

A state like this can be referred to as a “Magic Source,” origins of Magic.

A Magic Source is the fountainhead, the place from where the possibility to edit and create reality reside. In the Unity of All Things, there is formlessness and form. This is the 9D level, the level above divine beings, above multiple timelines and realities. Because our world exists even below that – as one collapsed quantum wave, one specific timeline, it’s much easier to change the world from a higher perspective than from a 3D [material] or 4d [subtle energy] – or even 5D [quantum, causal] system of manifestation.

Learn Practical Magic

Learn psychic abilities, Money Magic, energy healing, astral projection, manifestation and alchemy.

This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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Magic is Real.

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