There is among a galaxy of stars a friendly being coming to visit you on this very day as you close your eyes and enter the portal to the astral realm.

You see surrounding darkness, pure rich and velvety blackness, neither good nor bad. This is the space among the stars.

Judgments cease.

Dealing With Your Thoughts

Place your thoughts, fears, plans in a jeweled box, protected and safe. All of them can go in here, recoverable at your command. When this box, which has infinite capacity, is full, allow it to be carried away, out of sight and always under your control. New projections of the mind can be teleported to this box, instantly.

As you breathe in and relax into this velvet void, violins play as you feel safe. Beautiful, this place is, as you notice, of in the distance, a purple glow – a gleam, a spark of light – and with your noticing, you move closer – perhaps it moves closer to you. 

A light wind ruffles your hair and the glow glows brighter. 

Enter The Portal

A oval of brightest light seems to take exist within the glow. A portal.

While you enter the portal, you see scenes of your future life, everything you’ve ever wanted manifest in ideal form. All is flow, and all is well.

You reach out… and before you make contact, you are invited inside. The light grows brighter and suddenly the portal has grown and come forward to gently, completely encompass you. Everywhere you look, you see scenes of your success. You sense them happening behind you, above you, even in holographic screens below you, as you stand on a clear floor, not quite glass and not quite crystal, firm yet soft.

Terminal Of Reality

This is the Terminal of Reality. It is a realm of programming material form, and a realm of experimentation. All intentions become real here, and can be crystalized, erased or restored at the speed of thought.

Terminal Of Reality

You consider fantasy, delight, fun and adventure. All possibilities are open to you!

A flash of light. 

Infinite stars. You look to your left, and you look to your right, and see an endless expanse of colorful, bright shapes. Some are diamonds, circles and squares. They cover the entire spectrum of two dimensional and three dimensional geometry. Shapes of sacred form float up and down, reflect the light from one thousand invisible suns, glittering, twinkling.

These are the shapes of creation.

Your view finds one special shape, and you approach it. You know in this choosing that you can shift to any other shape at any time, and return to this space, this Magical place, again and again in the future that does not matter. This knowing allows you to relax, and to choose, and to find stillness in your choice.

In that shape and every side of it, as you move around it, flying, you see that you are reflected in every facet. You stare deeply into one image and now that image is staring back at you – you are inside your shape, which has become a Hall of Mirrors.

Each facet shows a reflection of  you, as you are and as you will be. The possible futures you view are all options, a kaleidoscope of probabilities that you can choose to focus on and draw closer to the present day. You see yourself doing Magic, happily and successfully and effortlessly, and you see that which you desire of other elements of life, safely aligned with light and love and liberation.

As you turn, seeing the library of selves, you see one reflection holding a key, and looking at it.

As you look, so too appears a key in your hand. And in the mirror before you, a large archway with a keyhole. You consider moving closer, and in that consideration, you are closer. You insert the key.

What will happen after this turn? What is meant to be, will be. In this moment you remember trust, and with a smile, willingly and gratefully turn, ready and grateful for whatever comes next, knowing it will serve your highest good.

The mirror door opens.

The Fabric Of Creation

And playing with a ball of glittery yarn is most adorable kitten creature with fluffy fir and round glass eyes, a soft button nose and a waving bushy tail.

You see the kitten and she sees you, and hits the ball with her front paw, sending your way. It rolls and bounces, up to the perfect height. As you catch it and about to bounce it back, and as it is returned in the cycle of a game, the yarn sparkles once more and catches your eye. In it, too, you see reflections of creation, of what is, was and can be.

This is the fabric of creation.

And in this new room, more mirrors appear, with more kittens, and more balls of yarn. Colors of every hue, blue and green and violet and pink, earthly brown and softest white – all are ready for you to weave.

You consider knitting, and a large table of needles, stretchers and other fabric shapers appears. Before you reach for them, you imagine a simple exercise: drawing two lines of thread, and tying them together. And as you think it, so it is: the balls of yarn rise up, come closer, and move exactly as you saw in your minds eye. 

You crochet and knit and learn proficiency, weaving together fabric with the patterns of stars into shapes animal, plant, mineral and machine. You form beings of all shapes and sizes, build cities effortlessly with your mind, to enjoy or vanish as pleases you. An amount of time passes and you have in front of you your most recent form, an alligator, or perhaps a giraffe. A squid, a rainbow sloth, a radiant unicorn. The shape morphs until you choose the one you wish to maintain, and seeing its perfection you smile, beaming joy.

Learning to Enjoy

Learning to Enjoy

You inhale this joy, the sparkling yellow frequency of pure unconditional happiness, and smiling, you exhale. Your breath surrounds the animal being in white sparkles, and those sparkles swirl, and go into the mouth, the nose, the ears, the skin.

It moves, your creation, and walks around, coming close to nuzzle you before exploring the tropical rainforest setting you are now in – and then a cosmic crystal cave – and then a volcano. You dance the dance of creation with your current co-creator and settle on a setting. Instantly, a large armchair appears, and your friend moves near it, and from a globe of light, pulls a small, richly adorned, ceremonial pipe of ancient Oak.

In walks a turtle, on its back a small city. From the city rises seven flying machines, each depositing an offering of sacred herbs in the pipe. Your friend nods, smiles, shares gratitude, and with a gaze, lights a small fire of floating purple over the herbal offerings.

She inhales – or perhaps its a he, as gender doesn’t matter in this place and can so blend and switch in a thought. You see the smoke, healthy and safe, enter, and a glow form inside her body. He blows out smoke of purest white, and when you look closely, you see small moving birds within, dancing, making love in the air.

The birdsong brings you yet more joy, and the smoke continues to come out of his lips, as she looks at you, relaxed yet intent, and you see yourself surrounded by animated vapor, your creation’s creations making yet new life as astral baby birds chirp your name, and you somehow know the most inspiring words are offered to you, and stored in your mind, to arise when you need them most.

Meeting Your Future Self

And you inhale, the birdsong and the vapor and the sparkles, the safe astral cloud formed in this portal of portals, this sanctum sanctorum of your reality, and fill yourself with the breath of creation.

You exhale, and that which you share goes to your animal being in turn and surrounds them. Thick, white and yellow and orange and green, it wraps around their body, obscuring it, merging with it…and the body reforms, shifts into an image of you, close to your size and shape yet different somehow, with clothing that speaks of personality and eyes that speak of knowing, and of joy.

You gaze upon your future self, who gazes back. 


This is, in your astral laboratory, a thought-form, a Tulpa. It is also something more, yet you know as the Divine created the world with thought, both you and all beings are but thoughts in the mind of God, characters in a dream that have their own visions, and continue the illusion for an infinity of creation, real and independent and collective, the unity and the duality, existing in peace, in harmony, in bliss.

Your Tulpa stands there, waiting. It is you, but of different age, and a higher level of wisdom. Representing what you can and shall become, representing what you have wished for, representing yet another probability and at this moment an actuality, a consciousness, entirely here for you, devoted to you. Needing nothing, with everything to give.

The mind of this being, connected to all the experiences you intended and hoped for in the forthcoming years and decades, this future self that is fully connected with their divine nature…this being that has been through the challenges you have undergone, and who has known your trials and your suffering, and has overcome them, whole and complete, and stronger…

Learning About Yourself

Learning About Yourself

This being, a template for all that you choose to become, with the wisdom of your soul embodied, with the value of hindsight of events yet for you to experience in your physical body…you know this is a being who has talked with many masters, many advisers, and many mentors. This being knows on a soul level the answers to questions you have not yet been asked, and can answer your questions as soon as they form in your mind, if you are open to receiving.

This being. Your intuition. Your guide. Your future self, your creation. Your Tulpa. S/he cares cares for you, for who you are, for everything you have been and are and will become, and holds no grudges, offers only love, forgiveness, understanding, excitement and hope.

And now, in this moment, you feel the opportunity to ask a question.

And as the question forms in your heart of hearts, your Tulpa knows, and looks at you. Do you open and receive, hear with your inner ear and see with your inner eye? Do you allow your clairvoyance, your clairaudience, to be activated at this time? Do you understand the meaning and ease of true telepathy, which you have already experienced, and which you have felt so many times before?

This is, you realize, easier than you thought. In this trusted dimension between the you that is now and the you that is future, you see what you allow yourself to see: that which is infinite. That which is you. 

That will never leave your presence.

That which is your spirit guide and guardian and your higher self. That which is a projection of yourself in the form that resonates most, in any moment of time, any experience of now. 

Using This Guide

This guide can take the form of Gaia, of Hermes and Krishna, of Mother Mary and Jesus, of Merlin and Buddha and Vishnu. Horus, Thoth, Anubis, Babaji – and any and all other names and faces of any being, living or dead, with whom you wish to connect.

For all souls, you remember, are at the highest levels, one.



You see skin, shaped into a face. You hear vibration, translated to a voice. Be it a figure of popular culture or mythology, be it be you or a fantastical form – be it ally or alien or androgynous. You see, and are seen, fully and completely, with total acceptance and joy. You are loved and valued. You are supported.

You are now in your Holy of Holies, your Sanctum Sanctorum, this space which can go by any other name. Stay as long as you wish. Ask what feels right to ask. Enter through portals. Explore. Manifest. Practice.


Just. Be.

And have fun!

A finger snap. And just like that, you are offered a portal back to the material world. When you are ready to enter, continue on…

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