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What if you surround yourself with toxic people? What if they’re entrenched in your life?

Environment: Internal and External

There’s two kinds of environment. External and internal. If I’m near a toxic person, I’m going to strive to kill them with kindness, not try to be around them as much, do affirmations and not let them affect my particular mood. The internal environment can be a very powerful thing. For some people you just have to look at them and say, “You’re such a good test.”

I used to have a game, “who can get the other person maddest first?” You can get hurt, but the point is, when you let your guard down and don’t see that person as an opportunity to stay calm and just see them as a menace.

Do you actually speak your affirmations?

speak your affirmations

Sometimes. If you feel you need to. With my dojo, you have to look in your mind: what kind of culture did you want to create? Chant and chant it over and over. Cultivate habits that always happen at specific times.

Once you draw something into your life, how often do you have to reaffirm it?

Once it becomes a habit, then you’re actually doing it. You don’t have to affirm something you do regularly. If you want to continue to do something and you find yourself not then you reinstitute the affirmation.

How many affirmations can you have?

Less is more, but be big in specific.

how often do you have to reaffirm it

Cadillac story. A lady went to a seminar and every single day she visualized a blue Cadillac in her garage. After several months, nothing. After several more, she got fired. She kept visualizing a blue Cadillac in her garage. No new job, had to sell the house. The lady who had it had a blue Cadillac and drove it right into her old garage.

You have to be specific!

And you have to believe it.

Now what if it’s unbelievable?

Then you have to back it down. You can’t achieve something that you can’t believe. Don’t bite off something you think you’ll choke on. If you can’t wrap your head around it you can’t have it.

You have to prioritize what has to be done first. School, taking care of kids, etc.

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