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There was a very famous guy who hadn’t played golf in 8 years. He went out and played golf and knocked several strokes off his game, something ridiculous and amazing.

He was a POW chained to a bed. To keep himself from losing it, he would close his eyes and play 18 holes of golf from where he lived. The visualizations, which took about 4 hours to complete, did much more than keep him sane. But when he got home after several years of being in the POW camp his game was 7 strokes better than when he left.

The mind is extremely powerful. Know that it has difficulty discerning between what’s imagined and what’s real. Your affirmations and visualizations are your reality.

Slow beginnings are fine. You have to set your goals and continue on. Don’t quit.

Circle of Balance

Circle of balance: (4 lines intersecting in the middle to create 8 points)

Circle of Balance Points
  1. Friends / social –
  2. Contributions –
  3. Education
  4. Physical health
  5. Finances –
  6. Spirituality –
  7. Career –
  8. Family –

Draw numbers on this bullseye. Put 10’s at the very ends, 5’s in the middle of the lines, and 1’s at the point of the intersection. Quickly rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for each one of these categories. Rate them now.

Connect the dots and our goal is the biggest smooth circle you can possibly make. All this is doing is showing you concretely where you need work. Now, here’s the flaw that I told you about. I don’t necessarily completely agree. What if there’s an area that you do need work in but you don’t care? What if you really don’t like your family and they’re not good people? Happiness may not be a big round circle… it can also based on synergy and passion and doing what you love. I just think it’s a great tool.

Remember, “What you like is going to get in the way of what you love. You can have anything you want, anything; you cannot have everything at once.”

How Many Things Can You Achieve?

The question is, how many things can I have that I want? The better you are at time management, the better you are at affirmations and visualizations, the more you’re going to get done. Some people can only handle a certain amount at a time. Part of success is happiness.

How Many Things Can You Achieve

Contributions don’t have to be related to career.

Fall down 7 times, get up 8. In addition, how fast do you get back up? You may choose that happiness to you isn’t 10’s everywhere, it’s 8 everywhere but complete. Or, 10’s everywhere and 5’s two places. It’s really the configuration that satisfies you most.

QUESTION: What if you get inspired? What about certain things you just have to be in the right mood to do well? Do you learn to cultivate that, be creative on demand?

Absolutely. Some people find an issue with this, but if you aren’t able to be creative on demand, then you have an excuse and an out. Your excuse is “it just isn’t time…it’ll come.” MONDAY FROM 10-4, IT’S COMING.

Stephen King says every day “I have to write for x amount of hours.” Then put it in the drawer…

You can’t just wait and say “it’s gonna come, it’s gonna come.”

If you’re an artist, you’re an artist on demand.

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