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Many of my greatest material successes, the best advice on goal setting and achievement I’ve ever received, are in this document, this chapter.

Sifu Brown, an accomplished martial arts instructor who studied at Shaolin and teaches Zen meditation, studied personal and spiritual growth for 34 years and mentored hundreds of students of various backgrounds and professions. Every year, he would give a “Secrets of Success” seminar. The contents of that seminar are here, transcribed from his voice and speaking style.

Sifu’s language is straight and to the point. He grew up dyslexic and with cerebral palsy; martial arts healed his body, and the growth of his mind came from audiobooks and discussion. He teaches in Berkeley, MI, balanced between the wealthy suburb of Birmingham and the socioeconomically mixed yet quickly revitalizing Detroit.

I have kept my editing minimal so as to preserve the original tone. Since learning from Sifu, I discovered Brendon Burchard, a motivational speaker, strategist, author and YouTuber who worked at the major consulting firm Accenture before shifting into the world of a thought leader. While Brendon and many others have stellar techniques, strategies and perspectives, I still feel the contents below are paramount. 

Foundation for Self Realization

Foundation for Self Realization

If you have yet to find a system that is optimal for you in the realization, clarification, and achievement of your goals, let this serve as your foundation. There is always more knowledge one can obtain, yet having clear and directed action that can be accomplished in one day will take you farther than simply knowing all the ideas in a volume of books.

Do not strive for perfect, whether the perfect system or the perfect strategy. Strive for what is effective, what gets you results. The time you spend considering options is time not invested in actions, and I can guarantee you that the recommended actions here will take you farther along your path.

I recommend reading this entire chapter in one sitting, if not the first time, then truly the second, or the third. Get the whole gestalt in your short term conscious memory. Just like learning to drive, achieving what you intend this world requires many actions taken simultaneously, many pieces of the puzzle seen together, to fully comprehend the whole. Any piece alone will serve a function; united, they achieve a greater purpose.

Boost Your Success

Here are several tools I created for you to boost your success alongside the information below.

Living Your Childhood Dreams:

Great Time Management lecture by the same creator:

Self Actualization Resources

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