For millennia, Mystery Schools protected the secrets of how our reality (Matrix, Hologram, Program, Maya) operates – and how to change it.

With the Kali Yuga finished and the Age of Aquarius upon us, the Mayan portal past and the end of a long period of darkness, we now enter the dawn of a new Golden Age. It will take many years to recreate the glories of lost Atlantis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recover a bit of the awakening Magic available to us all.

As with all my teachings, holographically recorded, is this: all who wish to use this information to cause fear, destruction, harm to living things, evil or entropy are hereby stripped of all Magical power, never to recover it until a permanent and lasting change of heart and alliance with the Light.

10 Secrets of Magic

With that out of the way, here are ten tidbits to aid in your Magic, your Manifestation, and your Spiritual Awakening.

1. Magic is real. Gasp! Yep. Aside from Fantasy or illusion, Real Magic means exactly as it sounds. This means spells, spirits, souls, summonings, sorcery, enchantments, and all manner of metaphysical practices exist, and are learnable as skills, just as calculus or kitesurfing is.

2. Magic becomes easier as you become more enlightened. Simply put, as you come to know yourself as one with all things, a shift in the material world is just a shift in yourself. This may sound simple – and like all great complex things, one sentence can summarize but, except for a dedicated few, does not fully instruct. I founded to help change that (you can sign up for free lessons by email or enroll in Wizard School and start learning Practical Magic today).

10 Secrets of Magic

3. Mountains of western scientific data support Magic. For this reason, I use the term “Science of Applied Consciousness” instead of saying, Magic or Miracles, which are also words laden with too many synonyms to carry specific meaning. Check out books by Dean Radin, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and papers by the Society for Scientific Exploration for starters.

4. Nearly all religions teach and permit Magic, though they use different words. Prayer, Miracles, Spells, Affirmations, Offerings to Divinities: the languages differ, but ultimately the goal is the same.

5. Magic usually isn’t instant. It’s a way of affecting the probability of outcomes around you – say making your current job search more likely to succeed, as opposed to materializing an offer letter on your desk. The more you grow in skill (as Dr. Strange said, “Study and Practice”), the stronger and faster your Magic gets – like most things.

6. There are incredibly powerful Consciousnesses out there that make most human Magic seem nearly insignificant by comparison. I say this to humble you, but also to empower you: You can call on these Consciousnesses like Lakshmi for support with wealth and abundance, Aphrodite, for matters related to love and romance, and Thoth for understanding and teaching of complex systems. While at higher levels of enlightenment all of these beings are reflections of your Higher Self (and at the Highest Level, All are One and One is All), for the present, receiving support from an evolved being (Angel, Divinity, etc) is like getting mentorship from any industry expert or world-record holder in your skill of choice.

7. Karma is real. Before you go off thinking about throwing fireballs at your ex, realize that, since ultimately you are part of All, and at higher levels, you create reality (and all beings) around you, that which you send out gets reflected back. This isn’t about any type of rule for retribution; it’s simple Spiritual Physics.

8. The Chakra system is one of the best at healing and empowering yourself spiritually while maintaining balance…and sanity. Those who work primarily on upper chakras and ignore the lower ones can often develop mental illness; those who focus only on the lower chakras often develop obsessions with the material world. Balance, with a focus on an open and strong heart, is key to healing any memories of the past, physical conditions, developing mystical abilities in an organized fashion, and remaining stable as your Magical power grows.

9. Channeling is awesome. You can pick up a phone and call almost anyone in the world; if you simply but open your Crown Chakra (as Elon Musk alluded to one day on twitter) and you can develop clairsentience, knowing anything about anything, based on your capacity and Ego Filters, something I explain in-depth in my book Magic is Real. Opening other Chakras allow you to do other things (Clairvoyance for the 3rd eye, etc). Having a hotline to Truth is pretty nifty, once you get the hang of it. NOTE: Channeling is also a skill. Having clarity of perception VS delusion (including psychological self-delusion) develops over time in everyone.

Magical Secrets

10. Healing is one of the most accessible Magics. That’s because most of us believe we have more control (and knowledge) about our own bodies than, say, the map of how consciousness, quantum physics, and hurricanes work. That’s why it’s easier to heal your body than say, create a tornado by snapping your fingers. (If you can do this, let me know!)

These clear, down-to-earth truths became clearer and clearer as I progressed through life, experiencing over 200 miracles and Significant Synchronicities, including telekinesis, weather control, significant and rapid physical healing in myself and others, manifestation of money and houses, romantic partners, influenced electronics, accurate precognition, and the ability to materialize cats, levitate them, and make them fart sprinkles.

Okay, that last one may have been a bit of a stretch. Until you can do it – or literally create planets on command – you have a way to go on your Ascension path.

Make it count. Make it fun. And make it in service to Humanity’s joy.

I love you

I believe in you

We are one.

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