Magic is Real Blog: Selected Writings from David Solomon

Enjoy Life Now

Can we all just enjoy life now?   There's always going to be a "personal growth" thing to do.   There's always going to be "something I can heal."   in this moment, the ONLY moment you can ever fully experience (now), why not Be. Present. Now?   Of all the things to...

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The Age of Magical Science Has Begun

Q by Jake M: By materialization you mean if I want something and do some magic and then "poof" I have that thing in my hands? A: Yep, Jake. Great question Like a gymnast learning a triple backflip, we're talking about an advanced and complex skill that requires a fair...

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Transmission of the Wave

The conquering of fears, the recognition of entropy and the understanding of your true nature as a divine being on this planetary matrix and this hologram we call three dimensional reality I don't know if you have beliefs scientific knowledge or research that's...

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What is Channeling?

“Ascended masters will return to earth and usher in a new golden age.” “Who told you that?” “Malchizadek.” You know, the King of Salem. Archangel Michael. Or an alien. Depending on your perspective. Think it’s BS? Some people do. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD),...

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You Are Awareness

I AM AWARENESS   Guided meditation for optimal mental health:   Repeat these statements, aloud or in your mind. Visualise as richly and completely as you can your interpretation of these guides.   See the energies of your brain. See the manifestations of a healthy and...

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How To Recognize And process Triggers

Triggers are things that come up for us when we least expect it. They are things that make us feel how we don’t want to feel, like angry or annoyed or guilty or sad. Sometimes they make logical sense, but often they don’t. For most people, a trigger is something...

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Realistic Expectations: What Magic Is, What Magic Is Not

Well, I said this in previous chapters, and I would encourage you (transcriber) to piece together parts for this chapter. I would say that… You must understand that magic is something that happens all the time. Magic is something that doesn’t need your permission. It...

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Saving The World

"Chunk 3 – Saving The World Really, really cool finding – next part of my book – part of the tape recording. Introduction I really, really believe that the future of the world and its people are in peril. At my first TEDx talk, I wanted to convey an idea that would...

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I’m here to talk about one of the most important Siddhis in my life. This city I am speaking of from a higher energy state, because I’m using a different technique to record, I’m using ways to manage my own energy and raise it up on this marathon. This is a statement...

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