Magic is Real Blog: Selected Writings from David Solomon

Astral Energy and Self-Healing

What would be the astral explanation for the removal of the pain from your arm? The Astro explanation is that the astral energy world mirrors the physical one. So there is part of my soul embodied and spirited, inspired. There's part of my soul in my wrist and because...

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How to Feel Your Chi

I am not the body. I am the light coming out of it.Michael Monk The vital life force energy of the body goes by many names: Qi / Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), Prana (Hindi and Damanhurian) and Biofield Energy in the West. We mix up the words to get you comfortable and...

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Consensus Reality and Expectations

What do you want? People to stop killing each other? Do you want to touch on Angels & Demons? Causal karmic objective reality, it's so difficult but we don't even agree on the third dimension. We agree on anything past that, so maybe then, there is a supply....

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How to Live Your Truth: Your Magical Abilities

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.Michelangelo  Freedom is something we embody. It is more than a perspective; it is a way of living life. Deep down inside, have you always...

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How to Develop a Relationship With a Divine Being

Beyond the veil of Maya, there is no form and all forms. Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Devils, Oversouls, Souls, even many thoughtforms have an essence - but are beyond our third dimension. Just like a 2D stick figure represents a very limited representation of the...

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Ego Death and Ego Integration Exercises

In clinical, Western psychology, ego death exercises could be seen as a way to identify Multiple Personality Disorder. Jettison all fear of that concept now. MPD is a rare condition where certain Egos are extremely developed, and your overriding Self—your primary...

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Understanding Consciousness and Reality – Part 2

Find the beginning of this article about understanding reality and consciousness HERE. It seems to be the slow tournament into as much objectivity within the subjective realm as possible these hypotheses being tested over time of the fourth dimension of Astral...

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“I Am Awareness” Exercise and Practice

“We read for inspiration. We practice for progress.”Sifu Brown For your progress along the continuum of Enlightenment. For your consistent and escalating manifestations of Miracles. For your permission to MAKE SPIRITUALITY FUN AGAIN, and for your Magical and Spiritual...

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Understanding Consciousness and Reality – Part 1

What's the value of science and at what point are we satisfied with the science? Because science involves all the time. You can have biased people, you can have botched experiments, you can app or methods, you can have smaller sample sizes, you can have changes in the...

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Time, Space, Perception and the Three Dimensional Reality

As the body has to travel to the bathroom or body can travel with its soul, with its spirit, to this energy to a different location. I mean everything is a fractal of everything else so a lot of times if people are on it, to a certain type of journey, or have enhanced...

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